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Rather than replacing every single piece in your home, invest in a few modern trinkets which will change the look of any room.

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Whether it’s a coffee table, book, or simply a small pot-plant for the kitchen, these five pieces can make a huge difference to your home.

Faux fur

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to bring out those warm and fluffy throws for the bedroom and the living room. Faux fur is a great option since it looks amazing and feels so luxurious!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Break up the usual clutter on your bookshelf with a terrarium or mini cactus. Not only do these plants require minimal upkeep, but they also look amazing in any part of the house.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Geometric rugs

Bring a little spice to a classic living room with a geometric rug. They will help to bring modernity to any living space and come in different shapes and sizes!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Why not place a sweet-smelling candle in the bathroom for the next time guests are coming over? They help to create a warm ambience and also act like a room freshener.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Instead of investing in an outdated portrait for the living room, do a little DIY and create some colour on a blank, white canvas. Not only will the piece look original, but it’s also very thrifty if you’re on a budget.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

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