SheSaid is heaven for women online. It is a place for readers to chill out, take some time for themselves and chat to their girlfriends.

Launched in 1999, SheSaid has been a trusted source of information for women on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, health, love and entertainment for over a decade. In 2009, SheSaid has had a major facelift and is now completely interactive with social media, blogs, reviews and article commentary.

SheSaid is Australia’s largest independent free online magazine for women, reaching internet-savvy females who are shopping focused and brand conscious.


  • 99 per cent female
  • 45 per cent are 25-39; 33 per cent are 18-24 years
  • Average annual income above $45k
  • Largely tertiary qualified
  • Above average expenditure on clothes, beauty, fashion, technology, entertainment, travel

Member stats:

  • 200,000 newsletter subscribers

Opportunities for advertisers:

  • Content sponsorship
  • Dedicated emails sends
  • Newsletter promo spots
  • Rich media capable

Editorial Placement

  • Newsletter sponsorship plus banner
  • Member newsletter promotion and content
  • Dedicated email send to membership database
  • Focus group via online survey
  • Total site integration – dedicated send to members database, competition, newsletter promotion, content integration
  • Customised content integration and channel sponsorship

Contact Info

Stacey Vanoska
Global Editor
ROKT, Suite 402, 275 Alfred Street
North Sydney, NSW, 2060