14th Oct 2013

Bon Jovi Walks Aussie Bride Down the Aisle

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Imagine being walked down the aisle by…Bon Jovi!

Aussie bride Branka Delic petitioned for Bon Jovi to walk her down the aisle for her nuptials in Las Vegas, but his management team told her that he’d be unable to make it due to prior commitments. Then on Saturday, the bride received a last-minute phone call to be told that a limo would pick her up in 30 minutes where Bon Jovi would meet her at the Graceland Wedding Chapel to give her away to her now-husband.

She told Brig & Lehmo from Gold FM 104.3 Breakfast: “I have never known a bride to get ready as quickly as I did!” Check out her expression – priceless!

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