08th Sep 2014

Brad And Angelina Throughout The Years

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Fans rejoice! After nearly 10 years together, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally married! The pair met in late 2004 on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Despite Brad’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston rumors ran wild of his affair with Jolie.  In early 2005, Jen and Brad announced their split and by the end of that year, Brad and Ange were a bonafide couple. In January 2006, the couple announced Ange was pregnant with their first biological child (Jolie was already the parent of two adopted children). In 2007, Jolie adopted another child, and a year later the pair parented twins! After a two-year engagement the pair recently took their brood to France where they married in an intimate country ceremony. Congratulations! People Magazine cover image via People Magazine.

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