23rd Sep 2013

Emmys Worst Dressed 2013

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Almost as good as the Emmys red carpet best dressed list, is the Emmys red carpet worst dressed. We definitely had to call the fashion police this year as there were just a few too many celebs who committed crimes against fashion. Yep, we’re looking at you Paula Abdul in your dress that makes you look like you’re wrapped in gold foil. And we’re also calling you our Amanda Peet in your shocking funeral parlour-inspired gothic number. We’re so shocked to see Juliana Margulies look waif-thin – what happened to her? And we know everyone loves Girls, but I’m definitely not in love with Lena Dunham or co-star Zosia Mamet’s Emmys’ dresses. Call them young and hip and Brooklyn, I just call it: ugly.

Who is your Emmys worst dressed celebrity?

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