Meet The Brand That Lets You Design Your Own Activewear

Take your workout to the next level.

I’m not the fittest person out there. I shake my bum at a Zumba class once a week and try to incorporate lots of walking into my daily routine, but I’m definitely not a gym junkie.

Here’s the ironic thing, though: I’m absolutely obsessed with activewear. Even the word ‘activewear’ brings me joy. It has become a vital part of my vocabulary and my wardrobe. Leggings, a T-shirt and sneakers are my go-to outfit for anything from brunch with the girls to shopping, and even casual days at the office.

There’s an abundance of amazing activewear out there, too – some of it is even too precious and expensive to actually work up a sweat in.

The sad part is that most of it tends to look quite similar: very monochromatic or incorporating way too many neon hues reminiscent of the ’80s workout craze.

I like to personalize my outfits and really put my mark on what I wear, which has always been hard to do with activewear – until now.

Melbourne-based brand Slyletica offers high-quality activewear that can be enhanced and customized by anyone.

I’m not just talking about simply choosing hues and styles – Slyletica works with an experienced design team that can help you come up with your own personalized logo or monogram, meaning you pretty much get to be a fashion designer for your own activewear line.


Team SHESAID designed their own activewear outfit with Slyletica.

The possibilities are endless, as you don’t have to stick to any pre-made templates. Instead, every design is created from scratch.

Once you and the team have finished your logo, it’s yours to keep and reuse on any of the ready-to-wear Slyletica range, which includes sleek black leggings, compression leggings, fashion tanks, sports bras, tees, hoodies and shorts.

“Activewear continues to feature across the runways of fashion week, so we’re helping make sports-luxe activewear accessible to everyday people, not just to celebrities,” says Slyletica director Yetta Klyachko, who wants to “raise the activewear bar even higher”.

SLYLETICA_89959 (Large)

And the excitement doesn’t stop there. The more products you order, the cheaper they get. Prices start at just $24 for a T-shirt and $75 for performance compression leggings.

Although the affordability of the pieces might not suggest it, Slyletica uses ethical materials that stand up to the test; the brand promises the print won’t crack through wear, washing or stretching.

I’m a bit disappointed this wasn’t around when I was planning my wedding a few years ago – matching bridal party activewear or monogrammed water bottles would have been the best wedding favors ever!

Slyletica ships worldwide, so step up your activewear game and get creative – it’ll motivate you to actually get active. No pressure or anything…

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