This is your ultimate checklist for ensuring you age well, stay healthy, and look and feel your best, from diet and exercise, to lifestyle and emotion wellbeing – a must-read for every woman!

Weight gain

Health checks

* Waist measurement, no more than 80cm (for women) and 94cm (for men) BMI, which should be 18.5–24 (unless heavier due to muscle)


* Serve small portions and eat food low in fat, glycemic index (GI) and kilojoules)

* Address food allergies and eat spicy food to boost metabolism


* Exercise for 30 minutes or more on most days

* Cross-train to increase strength, aerobic fitness, balance and flexibility


* Learn to live in the moment to beat stress, which can lead to abdominal weight gain (from cortisol), cravings and increased appetite


* Avoid smoking

* Get enough sleep— less than six hours can cause increased appetite and insulin levels

* Home-cook food


* Chromium and lipoic acid to stabilise blood sugar

* Gymnema sylvestre and L-gluatamine for sugar cravings

* Lecithin and L-carnitine for fat burning


Health checks

* See specialist for yearly skin cancer screening

* Monitor own skin and see GP about changed moles, freckles or concerning new spots


* Eat antioxidant-rich fruits/vegetables

* Minimise sugar intake and browned or barbecued foods, which cause wrinkles via glycation

* Cut alcohol and caffeine


* Do aerobic exercise (eg cycling, jogging) to boost circulation, enhance oxygenation to cells and keep skin supple from the inside


* Avoid arguments — studies show they slow healing

* Minimise anxiety, which can dehydrate skin


* Reduce sun damage: use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat and avoid sunbaking

* Increase water intake to maintain skin moisture


* Glucosamine for collagen synthesis

* Antioxidants to penetrate the dermis eg Q10, silymarin, catechins and pycnogenol

* Fish oil for inflammation

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