Get gorgeous party hair that will turn heads without spending ages at the basin. Actually, work these styles from day to night! By é salon Creative Director Emiliano Vitale.

Unkempt, classic Chignon

This is a great style to go from the office to after-work drinks or a Christmas party. It’s fun, yet classic which works both for the office and social occasions.

1: To begin, pull your hair into a low ponytail on the opposite side of the head to your part and secure with a band.

2: Loosely braid your ponytail; you can use any braid however a fish tail braid tends to work best, as it pulls apart beautifully. Once you have the braid completed, secure with a snag free hair band.

3: With your fingers, slowly and gently begin to pull the braid apart, from the outside. Don’t do this all at once; move through the braid section by section. Keep doing this until you have a very wide-open braid/plait.

4: Then, take the end of the braid and gently wrap around the ponytail and secure in place with pins. This is where you can be creative, depending on whether you desire a tighter bun style or a looser, messier chignon style.

Afternoon Do

You have spent the day at the beach and your hair has that lived in rough sea look to it. Quickly wrapping this into a rough FLAT French roll gives you the perfect afternoon “CASUAL” look for the summer. Alternatively, you can create a couple of little braids through the sides into a ponytail and a roughed up quiff through the top to give it a rougher, yet romantic element.

Evening Hair Wear

Loose, side-swept curls are the ultimate this summer. All you need is either the VS Sassoon Ultimate Retra-Cord Multi Curls or the VS Sassoon 25mm Ceramic Instant Heat Tong, and lightly set/ curl your hair, pin one side tightly behind the ear and let the rest fall through nice and loose. For a more elaborate look, you may also like to braid the side back to accentuate the waves on the other side.

Loose Waves

If you’ve worn your hair out or in a loose, low ponytail during the day, you can create a no-fuss beach-inspired style in 5 minutes. Pull your hair into a mid-placed ponytail on the head, braid it, and spritz with a light hold shine spray.

Using your VS Sassoon Goddess Conditioning Ionic Steam Straightener, place the braid between the plates to heat the braid through.

Let the braid cool for a couple of minutes, remove the ponytail, shake the braid loose and you have a beautiful, Sex In The City-like loose wave. Finish with another spritz of the light-hold, shine spray and away you go!

Upgrade your ponytail

With Romanticism a key trend for hair this summer, the quiff has also made a comeback. To inject some party flavour into your everyday ponytail follow the following steps:

1. Before pulling your hair back into a ponytail, take the front section of hair and tong and tease into a beautiful quiff.

2. Loosely pin the quiff in place before pulling your hair into a high, smooth and glossy ponytail. Secure with a band.

3. Ensure the quiff stays in place to give a high voltage spin on your regular ponytail.

4. For a different take, pair the quiff with a braid on each side of the head, braiding them back into a low ponytail.

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Picture from “Gossip Girl”.