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1 Bottle, 3 Christmas Cocktail Recipes

1 Bottle, 3 Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Forget buying a ton of spirits you’ll never use up – one bottle of delicious sweet apera (look for McWilliam’s Royal Reserve) gets you three delicious cocktails everyone will love this Christmas. What’s apera? The new name for sherry, which is fantastic mixed in drinks.


Pink Mojito

Nothing refreshes you more on a summer’s day like a
mojito. This apera addition to a classic won’t disappoint.


4 lime wedges

2 mint sprigs

15ml medium sweet pink apera

20 ml sugar syrup

60 soda water


In a high ball glass, add mint, lime
and sugar then top with
crushed ice, build apera
and stir through before
topping with soda and
more crushed ice.

Australian Twist

Doesn’t get much more Australian than Australian apera
complemented by a twist.


45 ml bourbon whisky

dash of bitters

15 ml medium sweet pink apera

Garnish: Lemon twist


Pour bourbon, apera and
bitters over ice in a stirring
jug or shaker and stir until
the required level of
dilution is achieved, strain
into a martini glass and add the
lemon twist.

Apera Sour

Take your old fashioned sour and add apera to make a
modern Australian alternative on this popular drink.


50 ml bourbon whisky

15 ml rich sweet apera float

20 ml lemon juice

1 egg white

10 ml sugar syrup

Garnish: lemon wedge


Build ingredients in shaker
and dry shake with no ice
to emulsify egg white, then
re-shake with ice and strain
into an old fashioned glass
of fresh ice before crowning
with apera.

What’s your favourite Christmas cocktail?

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