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10 Awesome Autumn Date Ideas

10 Awesome Autumn Date Ideas

Forget staying in and watching TV now that the temperatures have dropped. Here are 10 awesome man-approved autumn date ideas that will have you making the most of the season.

1. Escape for the weekend to a cosy B&B

Autumn is the perfect season to leave the city for a weekend and stay in a cosy B&B – and make sure it has a fireplace. Better still, make it two nights and really unwind.

2. Take a hike

With all the gorgeous autumn colours happening now, head to a national park or hiking trail and enjoy autumn at its best, complete with crunchy autumn leaves under your feet.

3. Bake together

Warm up in the kitchen by baking a tasty autumn treat together – how about an apple pie, or maybe a luscious chocolate self-saucing pudding? After all this is prime comfort food season!

4. Go to a footy game

It’s the start of footy season so head to the stadium and cheer on your team!

5. Attend a wine or beer tasting

You’ve enjoyed cocktails in the sun, now it’s time to savour some gorgeous red wines. Or maybe craft beers are more your thing? Many liquor stores hold regular tastings or visit your favourite local winery.

6. Go for a long drive

Pick a random destination and hop in the car for a classic long drive down a windy country road. Surprise him by bringing a fun playlist so you can belt out to your heart’s content.

7. Movie marathon

Movie marathons are made for chilly autumn afternoons, followed by dinner and drinks so you can share what you loved (and hated!) most.

8. Take a ghost tour

You see them advertised everywhere, but ghost tours can be lots of fun, especially when it gets dark earlier which adds a little more spook.

9. Pick apples

It’s pick-your-own season so drive out to an orchard and enjoy a morning of apple picking.

10. Visit a farmer’s market

Autumn is a bounty of incredible ingredients – think mushrooms, seafood, pumpkins and pears. Shop for ingredients then head home for a masterchef challenge in the kitchen.

What are your favourite autumn date ideas?

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