10 Basic Beauty Tips You Can’t Live Without

December 11, 2014

When it comes to beauty, we are constantly searching for easy tips and tricks to make the wonderful world of cosmetics so much easier. From using a mascara as an eyeliner, or even a concealer as a cheek contour; there are many ways to simplify things when it comes to applying your makeup every single day.

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1. Clean your brushes

To ensure the longevity of your brushes, do a deep-clean once a week with olive oil and soap. Firstly, soak each brush with olive oil, then add some soap and water to easily remove any residue stuck on the bristles.

2. Illuminator

Mix a tiny amount of your illuminator into a matte foundation for a dewy finish. This is a quick and easy way to turn your matte foundation into an illuminating shade just in time for summer.

3. Cleansing oil

Rather than scrubbing your face with a wipe, use a cleansing oil to remove your eye makeup. This is a quick and easy way since it breaks down the makeup, and gently removes it without endangering the skin around your eyes.

4. Coconut oil

Use coconut oil on dry hair once a week to nourish your ends, and keep hair looking shiny and healthy. Leave-in for at least an hour, then use a shampoo and tepid water to carefully remove any residue from the oil.

5. Oily skin

Set oily skin with a powder in between liquid foundation. This makes it so much easier to get the most out of your makeup if you’re attending a special event, or simply a night out.

6. Blackheads

Get rid of blackheads at home by using Vaseline and a hot towelette over your pores. The hot air helps to open your pores, and then simply use a cleanser to remove any dirt from your face.

7. Baby oil

If you suffer from rash burn, use a baby oil since it has many soothing properties on the skin. This not only gives you a closer shave, by nourishes the follicle, and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and itchy afterwards.

8. Lipstick

Make any lipstick look glossy by applying a soft lip moisturiser over the top. The lightweight formula will nourish your lips, and make it so much easier to remove at the end of the day.

9. Big lashes

For voluminous lashes, tug the wand from side to side and work from root to tip. If you want to make your lashes appear full, tight-line the eyes by using a black or brown eyeliner pencil on your top lid.

10. Decrease pimples

To make your pimples look smaller overnight, dab a tiny amour of honey over a blemish before going to bed. The honey acts as an antibacterial agent, which will also treat dry or inflamed skin.

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