10 Best Oral Sex Tips

November 12, 2010

10 Best Oral Sex Tips

1. Be aural before oral

Just telling your partner what you’ve got in store for them will get them dripping with excitement. Whisper in their ear what you plan to do to them – it’s all about building the anticipation. Want him to go down on you more often? Tell him how good your orgasm felt, even days later – imagine how thrilled he’d be if you sent him a cheeky text at work!

2. The eyes have it

It’s not just all about your mouth during oral sex – the eyes really do have it. Make eye contact and it will heighten the connection between you both. When you’re going down on him, look up and he’ll be even more turned on.

3. Samantha was right about teabags…

Don’t ignore their balls during oral sex. First lick his balls lightly, then pop one or both in your mouth, look him deep in the eyes, and suck gently. If they like it, pull down a little harder – but don’t get carried away! The balls are pretty sensitive and you don’t want him keeling over from pain!

4. Mirrors are your friend

We’re all visual creatures so enjoy oral sex in front of a mirror. Try it in the bathroom, or pull down a mirror off the wall. There’s nothing sexier than your partner seeing you in front of them and then in all your splendour in the mirror. The same goes for you, seeing your partner pleasure you in the mirror is very empowering.

5. Don’t be afraid to say what you want

If you never tell your partner what feels good, they’ll never know and you’ll end up faking it! But it’s all in the approach. Don’t just lie there silently, tell them how it feels, move your body and moan when it feels good, and encourage him to change positions, go harder or softer, or whatever gets you off.

6. You say perineum, I say perineum…

We all hear about the perineum, that little spot between the penis and bottom. For most men this area is sensitive, and enjoys the attention of your fingers or tongue. Run your fingers lightly over the area while blowing him. Then mix it up by sliding your tongue up and down the perineum, and playing with his penis with your hand.

7. Wet is best

A wet blow job is the best of all. If you feel your mouth drying up stop for a moment, play with his penis between your hands or breasts while your mouth recovers. And if you learn anything from those porno stars, a little spit on his penis can look very sexy.

8. Don’t forget the hands

What are your hands doing while you’re going down on him? Play with his balls, his nipples, run your nails up and down his thighs, place a finger in his mouth. Make it a completely erotic experience. Same goes for him. He shouldn’t forget to play with your breasts, legs and any other sexy spots.

9. Grooming goes a long way

Look after your sexy bits and encourage him to do the same. Get a Brazilian or try something different with your razor, and see what he looks like after a brush with hair clippers down there. A swipe of essential oil on your inner thigh is a very sensual touch.

10. Enjoy yourselves!

Not every woman loves giving blow jobs, or feels comfortable receiving. While we’re not advocating that you should do something you don’t like doing, there are ways to make it more enjoyable. Shower beforehand, especially together, is a very sexy way to set the scene for what’s to come while getting rid of the issue of sweat and smells. If you really don’t like how he tastes, ask him to cum on your breasts or tummy. Use candles to create complimentary lighting if you don’t like to be on show.

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