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10 Cheap Date Ideas

10 Cheap Date Ideas

Cheap Date Ideas

Comedy Night

There are a stack of comedy nights happening most nights of the week – chances are your local pub might even have a regular amateur night too. Tickets are cheap and there’s nothing more feelgood than a good laugh, even if the comedy’s bad it’ll give you something to laugh at afterwards!

Holiday In Your Own City

We all dream of a holiday but you can have one in your own city! Choose the tourist trail (you probably haven’t been to those landmarks since you were a kid on school excursions!) or get off the beaten track and discover little-known gems where you live. Take a look at tourist websites for inspiration.

Support Local Theatre And Bands

Tickets to shows these days are hugely expensive, but not if you look local. Small theatre companies and local pubs stage fantastic acts all the time – pitch it as your chance to see the next big thing for pennies. Check your local paper for event listings.

Bike Ride

When was the last time you were on a bike? Hire a bike and head to the park, beach or anywhere scenic (and not too traffic-heavy!) for a leisurely ride. Stop for a bite to eat and feel completely refreshed at the end.

Games Night

Dig out that dusty box of Scrabble, BattleShip or Uno for a games night in. Set up a comfy rug on the floor, pour some wine and battle it out. Best of three wins something romantic, like a massage.

Cheap Eats

There’s nothing more romantic than a meal out, but think outside the box. Romantic doesn’t need to mean ‘French’ and ‘candlelit’ – how about brunch, tapas or Malaysian? You could even explore a part of town you don’t usually eat at for something new and delicious.

One Night Only

This will give you something to talk about for months after: a one-night class at your local community college. There are so many random classes, from vegetarian cooking to film study nights and local history walks.


Sure, bowling comes with those ridiculous shoes, but if you can grin and bare it you’ll have a fun couple of hours! Give yourselves silly nicknames and put them up on the scoreboard. Winner gets treated to a cocktail afterwards!


Scavenging around second-hand markets on a weekend is a lot of fun – you might even learn something about your partner (he has a secret collection of Star Wars figurines?!). Grab the market stall staple bacon and egg roll and dig around for treasure.


Has it been a while since you’ve been to the movies? Be like teenagers and head to the back row for a cheeky kiss and cuddle. Make sure you plan to go out for a meal afterwards to chat about the movie and keep the spark going.

What are you favourite cheap date ideas?

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