10 Don’t-Leave-Home-Without Travel Tips

January 27, 2012

Got a case of wanderlust? Hunter Valley Ambassador bloggers Lisa Perkovic and Siobhan Curran share their practical and simple advice on flying with kids, making the most of summer holidays and how to travel like a local.

1. Take home memories not just photos: I love taking photos but I try not to get so caught up in capturing every moment on screen that I don’t miss the actual experience.

2. Make notes: whether you’re writing a blog, article or even just a post card, it’s easier to convey a sense of the place if you write down a few impressions while you’re there. Local characters can be full of great one liners and I’ll always jot those down in my phone or notepad.

3. Don’t hold back: if you want great experiences, you need to be open to them. Don’t say no to something you’d never do at home but don’t go too crazy!

4. Make friends: talking to the locals, staff or even other hotel guests is a great way to get insider tips on the best activities or places to visit.

5. Take the scenic route: you can pack a lot into the day but rushing from one place to the next is stressful and not the best way to properly experience a place.

6. Try public transport: catching a local bus or navigating the subway is a great way to get a feel for a place. You’ll get a totally different perspective to just hopping on a tour bus.

7. Be prepared: a bit of research before you leave home never hurts. I try to read travel forums like Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree and check out guides like Luxe Travel before I go.

8. If you and your partner are flying long-distance with a baby / toddler, sit apart and take turns (every hour or so) to entertain your bundle of energy. This gives each of you and your surrounding passengers a break.

9. Travelling and planning to self-cater? The day before arriving order your groceries online for ‘home’ delivery.

10. Travelling with kids? Avoid meltdowns. Download some new apps, buy a new toy, books and pack snacks. Kids often like looking at old photos of themselves too (or maybe that’s just my kids…) and hearing a story about them when they were little. Whatever you do, don’t bring all your tricks out at once.

Where are you travelling to in 2012?

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