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10 Foods To Boost Your Mood

10 Foods To Boost Your Mood

10 Foods To Boost Your Mood

Did you know that different foods have the ability to boost our entire mood? A diet of fatty and highly processed food will only make our entire outlook feel sluggish, while something a little healthier has the ability to change our perception into a more positive one. Want to know what these mood-boosting foods are? Keep reading!

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Like most seafood in general, mussels are loaded with vitamin b12 which is essential in healthy brain function. Enjoy a few for lunch or dinner to make your body and mind feel content!

Whole grains

Skip that white bread for healthy whole grains which are low GI and help to regulate glucose levels in the blood. If you’re a victim to 3:30-itis, a snack of avocado on whole-wheat bread will boost your energy more than a sugary treat.

Dark chocolate

Here’s a chance to enjoy an extra block of chocolate! Try a bar of dark chocolate that is high in cocoa for instant energy. If the taste is too bitter for you, enjoy with a warm cup of green tea.


Walnuts in particular are packed with essential fats that help to improve cell renewal. They also help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and circulation.


A handful of strawberries contains large amounts of vitamin C which is essential in a healthy, balanced diet. This antioxidant reduces the chances of falling ill and is a perfect snack if you’re feeling particularly stressed.


While we might not like it, celery is actually a great food for stress relief. Maybe it’s all the crunching (which feels just like eating crisps) or the fact that they contain 3-n-butylphthalide which directly lowers stress hormones.


Just one egg provides the body with enough choline to support healthy brain function and keep your energy levels up all day.


Seaweed is loaded with iodine which is ideal for proper thyroid function. It provides the body with optimal energy which doesn’t leave you hanging like other sugary snacks.

Greek yoghurt

Who knew that calcium could instantly lift our mood? Calcium deficiency can lead to mood swings, depression and increased irritability.


Be sure to include some asparagus into your salad since it is high in tryptophan (one of the main creators of serotonin).

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