10 Items You Need For A Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

April 15, 2014
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Although most of us love a good sale as an excuse to grab a bargain or two, how often do we actually use these items in our wardrobe, then complain of having nothing to wear every time the seasons change? Taking inspiration from The French Wardrobe, the objective is to greatly simplify your wardrobe to just five staple items which serve as a base for your outfits all year round. We share with you the top ten items you should have hanging in your closet, regardless of the weather.

1. Denim/black jeans

Jeans are definitely number one on this list, because they are so versatile. The first step is to find a fit that flatters you, then decide on the type of wash that would fit into your wardrobe, and work with the style you’re going for. Remember to go for a style that suits your body, rather than what is trendy.

2. Black/white blazer

Black blazers are an absolute wardrobe staple since they can be used a bunch of times, on so many different outfits. Take into consideration that the fit has to accommodate for winter and summer outfits, specifically if you choose to layer your pieces.

3. Midi skirt

A skirt like this would be appropriate for the office, or look smart paired with a blazer for an evening outing. Make sure a skirt in this style fits extremely well around the waist, and flatters your hips.

4. Leather/pleather jacket

A leather or pleather jacket is timeless and can make an outfit look more casual and laid back, depending on how you choose to wear it. Not to mention that they are really warm and look fantastic if you choose to layer them in the winter.

5. Black/white button-down shirt

My personal wardrobe staple, a white button down shirt should flatter your body, and this way look effortless with anything you choose to pair it with. Silk shirts are more expensive, but are appropriate for both the office and for the evening.

6. Round, crew or V-neck tops

Some staple shirts in white, black, and grey could form the base of your outfit, and since they are so readily available all year round, they can be easily replaced.

7. Striped shirt

The striped shirt is a way to bring a subtle pop of colour into an outfit, and is available in numerous colours and styles. Wear with jeans and a cardigan for a casual vibe, or dress up with a skirt and blazer for a more serious look.

8. Maxi dress

A maxi dress is mostly associated with the warmer months, but it’s a great transitional piece during the autumn and spring months as well. They can be paired with heels for a night look, or sandals for the daytime.

9. Cardigan/jumper

We love a cosy jumper in the cooler months, and buying one that is mostly made of wool as opposed to acrylic feels luxurious on the skin. These items are a great investment since they are easy to wear, and will keep you cosy.

10. Winter coat

Longline coats have recently come back into fashion, so there is no excuse not to get your hands on one, regardless of your budget. They are a great way to keep warm during the colder weather, and make for a fast and stylish outfit when you’re on the go.

Try sticking to basics since they will never go out of style, and can be worn many different ways. If you’re in a dilemma and can’t decide what to buy, ask yourself if you would wear the item in a year from now. ASOS have a large variety of basics to suit most body types, and with free shipping regardless of your purchase, a new wardrobe is just a click away.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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