10 Minute Beauty Ritual

April 1, 2011

The 10 Minute Daily Beauty Ritual

Instead of expensive salon treatments, why not indulge yourself at home, with the 10 minute daily beauty ritual.

The art of ritual is all about awakening yourself to the senses around you. Next time you’re about to hop in the shower, stop and allow yourself 10 minutes to slow down, light a candle, breath in deeply and treat your body to a simple yet powerful detox.

First, if you have windows in your bathroom, open them up for fresh air.

Dim the lights and light a fragrant candle.

Stand in the shower, and dry body brush with a loofah, starting at your feet and working towards the heart, with brisk, upward strokes. Pay extra attention to areas like the knees, bottom, thighs. Don’t brush too hard.

Hop in the shower and rinse off under tepid water.

If you can bear it, turn the cold water on for 15-30 seconds to stimulate blood circulation. Then enjoy the rest of your shower with tepid water (hot water dries and damages the skin).

Wash your body, then finish with washing your face. Cleansing your face at the end of your shower allows the steam to work its magic, opening pores and melting away dirt.

After your shower, lightly pat your body with the softest towel you have. Always pat your body instead of rubbing, and leave your skin damp.

Apply a thick body moisturiser or oil over the skin, again starting at the feet and working up. Really massage the moisturiser into your skin, using the tips of your fingers in areas like the thighs and bottom.

Massage in your hand cream, paying attention to your cuticles.

Finish with a spritz of essential oil. Lavender oil behind the ears helps promotes peaceful sleep before going to bed, or a citrus essential oil at the start of the day for good energy and improved concentration.

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