10 Nutrition And Fitness Tips From A Surfing Champ

October 14, 2011

21-year-old Aussie surfing champ Wini Paul is our latest inspiration for getting motivated, eating well and staying fit. Earlier this year she won the inaugural Jim Beam ‘The Break’ surfing competition which provided her with a $25,000 sponsorship package to tackle the WQS pro surfing tour. We love her tell-it-like-it-is advice gathered while travelling the pro circuit to France, Portugal and the USA this year.

1. Posture

Having the correct posture is so important. Get it right and you’ll be happy.

2. Dance

Turn up your favourite song and sweat it out trying the dance moves you’ve always wanted to give a go. I am always dancing around everywhere. It gets the heart pumping, endorphins flowing and puts a smile on my face! I’m loving the Calvin Harris song Bounce right now- it’s the best exercise song!

3. Everything counts

At airports I will take the stairs next to the escalators, or work up a sweat doing chores like cleaning my car. I love going for a walk with my girlfriends – we walk and talk but we sprint the stairs and hills. When I run I motivate myself by thinking of my bum or wearing a bikini!

4. Core work

Core work should be part of any exercise routine. Having a strong core is so good for you in the long run, whether it’s getting it strong before you have children or to help support your back while sitting at a desk all day.

5. Work hard

You’ve got to want it! Getting fit is in your head and it’s hard! You’ll only feel good if you have worked hard and know that you have earned it. There really are no short cuts, you have to put in the time. Make it fun and you’ll be rewarded.

6. Eat like the French

While in France this year I stayed with an awesome family and really fell in love with the way they eat – slowly and really appreciating food. They still have treats at every meal: small portions of fruit with chocolate or some yoghurt. As the French eat slower, I found I didn’t eat as much but still managed to have all sorts of food groups in one sitting. Laugh, talk, share and appreciate.

7. Curb cravings

Eat a piece of fruit, some nuts or drink some water before buying junk food. If you still have cravings after that at least you had something healthy to balance it. Travelling on tour is hard because junk food is so much easier to access than healthy food. I have really bad self-control when it comes to binging on junk food. Unhappy or not, I can easily eat a whole block of chocolate. But I always try to make a mental note that I need to do some form of exercise to make up for it.

8. Try vegetarian when you fly

My favourite thing when travelling is pre-ordering my meals on the plane. Even if I wasn’t vegetarian, I think I would still get vegetarian meals on planes because they seem to be healthier and there’s no suspect meat. If I’m on a good airline I’ll order a vegan meal so I don’t get headaches or feel bloated from the processed food. Plus, the best thing is that these meals come out first! Editor’s note: This is my favourite trick too (and I’m not a vegetarian).

9. Fresh is best

Fresh food is the best. If it is pre-made in a packet it won’t make you feel as good or taste as nice. I was really lucky to grow up in the country with a big vegetable garden and fresh meat and fish easily available. With the Jim Beam sponsorship I was able to go to West Australia this year and found the food there incredible – so fresh and raw. I know it’s hard to eat completely raw, but if you can change even a few things in your diet and eat them fresh it will be very beneficial. Try halving an avocado, add some olive oil, salt and pepper and eat straight out of the skin. Delicious and healthy.

10. Water

Add fresh lemon slices to your water. It makes it more interesting to drink and is great for your digestive system, which in turn is fantastic for your whole body, especially your skin. When flying I make sure I always order water over the juices.

Which of Wini’s tips will you be trying first?

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Win 10K cash