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10 Of The Best Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

10 Of The Best Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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Clutter is the bane of many UK households, with homeowners struggling to find enough storage space to keep it all under control. According to The Express, the average Briton clings on to £514 worth of unused goods that simply lie dormant. The British Heart Foundation survey found that 15 per cent of people said their clutter made them feel ‘stressed’. Whether you occupy a small flat or a large house, we all seek the need for extra space once in a while. Below are ten of the best storage solutions to help you:

Double duty furniture
In a small room, try to ensure that every component is multifunctional. For example, in the bathroom double up the cabinets to be mirrors too and in the children’s room, turn a toy storage box into a bench to sit on.

Mobile self storage
Mobile self storage from Kelly Store is the perfect option for anyone seeking space for a short period of time. A storage pod will be delivered to your door, you can load at your convenience and it will then be taken away and stored securely until you’re ready for it again.

Under-the-bed storage
Many beds nowadays come with drawers underneath so you can hide all those items that take up so much space in a smart way. Alternatively, you can buy under bed storage boxes.

You’ll find there are many unused and dead spaces around the home such as in corners or under the staircase where shelves will fit perfectly. Alternatively, an open shelving unit will instantly add more storage without taking up too much floor or visual space.

Wooden crates
Wooden crates are perfect for a rustic DIY look within the home. Stack a couple together using screws and ‘L’ brackets and you have yourself a very interesting bookcase or storage tower.

An attic or cellar
It’s easy to forget about how much space your attic or cellar holds. Move the items that you occasionally need into the attic or cellar so they are out of the way.

Coat rails and stands
It’s very easy for shoes and coats to clutter up a small hallway, but by using a hanging rail or coat stand, you can make a real difference to the space. It’s amazing how a tidy hallway will make your entire house feel in order.

A multi-use coffee table
If you struggle for space in the living room, use a chest or an ottoman as a coffee table. Not only will it look the part, it can hide away all those magazines and DVDs.

Kitchen hooks

Hooks work wonders in the kitchen. You can hang utensils, mugs, pots and pans. Some people choose to place them on a pegboard, hang them on a linear rack or even from the kitchen windows. Houzz shares some great examples of this.

Creative shoe storage
Children are the worst for leaving their shoes around the house. Avoid this by using wine boxes to store them in, hanging them on clothes hangers or even using an old ladder.

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