10 Of The Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Phone

April 28, 2015

It makes phone calls, sends text messages and of course you can browse the internet from it, but did you know your mobile phone can also do the following 10 things?

1. Take a screen shot

Have you ever wanted to quickly capture a web page or a piece of text that made you laugh? Whether on your iPhone or iPad, simply hold the home button and the on/off button at the same time to take a screen shot. It will immediately save to your camera roll so you can view again when you like.

2. Create a passcode with letters 

Rather than choosing a set of numbers for your passcode, opt for a memorable word instead. This can come in useful if you break your phone and have it fixed by Lovefone. To set it up, just go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off the ‘simple passcode.’ Go to set passcode and a full keyboard will appear instead of the number pad. When you next need to unlock your phone, this keyboard will reappear and prompt you to enter the code. 

3. See which planes are overhead

Ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or say, “Planes overhead,” and it will pull up a chart featuring each plane’s flight number, altitude, and angle.

4. Get a quick charge

Tired of waiting for your iPhone to charge? If you’re in a rush and need to charge your phone, put it in Airplane mode and plug in for a faster charge time. 

5. Take rapid photos 

According to The Telegraph, a recent poll revealed that 5.4 million British tourists upload their pictures within just ten minutes of arriving at their holiday destination. Rapid shots come in handy whilst on holiday so you don’t miss a special moment. Simply hold down the camera capture button to take photos in burst mode – you’re guaranteed a good shot!

6. Have your emails read to you

Just say the magic words “Read my email” and Siri will read all your messages aloud to you!

7. Use the volume buttons for a perfect selfie 

According to the Metro, a new survey has revealed that on average, women delete five selfies before settling on the sixth, which they deem good enough to post online. It can be difficult to take the perfect selfie by touching the capture button so use the volume buttons instead!

8. Customise the vibration

Do you tend to have your phone on silent or vibrate more often than having it on loud? Never fear, now you can customise the vibration pattern so you can work out who’s calling you without even having to look! Just go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration.

9. Choose flash alerts

Set your phone to emit a bright LED flash instead of playing a sound. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility, scroll down and turn on ‘LED Flash for Alerts.’

10. Shake to delete

Did you change your mind about that text message half way through? Simply shake your phone to activate an ‘Undo Typing’ box.

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