10 Questions To Ask For A Phenomenal Relationship

March 16, 2012

Life coach Dr. Dain Heer believes the best way to find a solution to anything is to simply ask yourself questions, especially when it comes to your relationship.

1. What would it take for me to meet someone that is a contribution to my life and living that’s ready for the type of relationship I’d like to have?

2. If I stopped divorcing me, what kind of relationship would I choose?

3. If I could have my body touched and nurtured in any particular way I desired that would create an energy of being more alive, an energy of going beyond judgment, an energy of more joy, an energy of more living, so that I had more of me and more willingness to be alive and more desire to live, and more desire to seek and have more — what would that be like?

4. If I were totally honoring of me and my partner, what would I choose differently today?

5. What space would open up if I only said what my partner was willing to hear?

6. If I had total trust in me and my partner how would I be differently today?

7. If I were in total allowance, where everything is just an interesting point of view, what choices would I have available today in my relationship?

8. What if would be possible if I uncreated my relationship every morning — starting anew every day?

9. How much more vulnerable can I be with myself and my partner today, and what would it take for that to show up now?

10. What would total gratitude, for myself and my partner, every moment of every day, look like, feel like, taste like, and be like in my life and in my relationship? And what would it take for that to start today?

Read more about Dr. Dain Heer at beingyoubook.com.

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