10 Reasons Denim Will Always Be In Fashion

November 18, 2019

Denim will never not be in style. 

I live my life in denim and for good reason – it never goes out of fashion.

Looking back at the style trends from the 60s until now, there is always a common thread. Whether it’s in jean or jacket form, denim has snuck it’s way into each decades style profile.

When it comes to denim, it’s important to choose quality over everything else. Lucky for us, Levi’s has entered the group chat.

With a focus on sustainable and ethical fashion, it’s impossible to go past classic denim pieces when they are good for people as well as the planet.

Not convinced? You will be.

Here are 10 reasons Levi’s denim will always be in fashion.

1. It’s sustainably sourced

Levi’s are an amazing brand as they are conscious of the environmental impact of their clothing. That’s why they’ve come up with an initiative that has saved over 3 million liters of water in the production of their denim. They are well on their way to cutting 96% of the water used in denim fishing. After all, sustainability never goes out of style.

Learn more about how Levi’s is made of progress here. 

2. There are no harsh chemicals

We think a lot about the chemicals in our food or skincare, but we never pay heed to the chemicals in our clothing. Levi’s are always conscious of minimizing their impact, so they are making big changes. By 2020 they aim to eliminate thousands of chemical formulations from their supply chain and discharge zero hazardous chemicals. So you can look good and feel good about your denim.

3. Ethical clothing is everything

This year you might have noticed a shift towards ethical clothing. It’s more important than ever to be aware of where our clothes are sourced – and our jeans are no exception. By the end of 2018, Levi’s helped more than 193,000 workers from 17 different countries reach financial empowerment, equality, and acceptance. You’ll love your jeans just as much as the people who made them.

4. Denim isn’t just about jeans

When I say denim, you probably automatically think of jeans and while you aren’t wrong you aren’t entirely right either. Denim can be anything. From jackets to shorts and even tops (if you’re funky) denim is so versatile it’s impossible for it to go out of style. Do yourself a favor and stock up on different styles to give your cyclical wardrobe some wiggle room to work with.

Find your next denim jacket here. 

5. Fashion is cyclical

When I was 16, my Mum gave me her pair of bell-bottom jeans from when she was a teenager and I laughed. No way, Mum. Skinny jeans were all the rage. Luckily I held on to those bad boys because everything comes back in fashion! So if you’ve got old denim in your wardrobe, hang on to it. Your time is coming.

6. It’s always flattering

So you know when you’ve found the pair of jeans. They fit so well that it’s almost like they were made for you. That’s what Levi’s brings to the table every single time. Whether you’re into skinny jeans, mom jeans, or flares you are guaranteed to find something that makes your booty pop.

Find your perfect fit here.

7. You can dress it up…

The saying ‘jeans and a nice top’ didn’t come from just anywhere. In fact, it’s a sentiment to the versatility of good denim. Pair some denim with your little black dress next time you hit the town to add an element of edge to your look! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, pair your flares with a heel and a bralette! Denim never looked so damn fine (or so fancy)!

8. But you can also dress it down

If your go-to errands outfit isn’t jeans and a not-so-nice top, you’re doing it wrong. Finding a pair of comfortable Mom jeans will change your life in all the best ways. If there is one thing I believe in this life, it’s that dressing for comfort is key. At least with good denim, you don’t have to sacrifice your style.

9. Fighting for a cause is always in fashion

Levi’s recognizes that musicians are five times more likely to experience depression. They also understand that 40% of people in the industry are working for less than minimum wage. That’s why they believe in giving back to the community. Denim for a cause is denim you’ll want to wear forever.

10. Levi’s is a brand we know and trust

When we think denim, we think Levi’s. I genuinely have never come across a pair of jeans that fit as well or reach the same level of comfort. I’m happy to invest money into a product I know is good and quality denim is no exception. There’s a reason Levi’s are always in fashion and it’s because they last forever.

Featured image via unsplash.com. 

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