10 Signs You’re Actually An Adult Now

March 28, 2015
child in adult shoes

For some, it might happen in their early 20s, while others might not realise it until they’re 40, but we all have to let our careless life as an adolescent go at some point and face adult life. This is how you know you’ve reached that point:

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1. You have to watch what you eat

Remember those glorious times as a teenager when you could eat anything you wanted without gaining a single pound? You’d do anything to get that metabolism back, but it’s hopeless. You can’t even look at a muffin without putting on weight.

2. You need at least 8 hours of sleep

Staying up until 2am watching TV or talking on the phone was normal and felt easy. Now, you’re in bed at 9.30pm and love every single minute of your sleep.

3. Your weekends are filled with weddings

Your friends are all getting serious and the only thing that you talk about is engagement rings, centre pieces, and how many tiers make the perfect wedding cake. You also had to start putting money aside for wedding presents.

4. You’d rather stay home than go to a club

Paying $15 for a drink while struggling to move through a room full of sweaty people – how could you have ever liked this?

5. You invest in quality

This applies to anything, but is especially noticeable when it comes to fashion. Instead of buying lots of cheap, trendy clothes that you only wear for one season, you invest in timeless pieces and intend to wear them for at least a few years.

6. You’re out of touch with the cool kids

When you listen to a bunch of 16-year-olds talking, you feel like you need a dictionary to understand them. Snapchat what?

7. You start sentences with: “Back in the day…”

And hate yourself a little bit each time you do it. But you can’t help it, because it WAS back in the day!

8. Time is flying

Whenever you get a bit of time to yourself, you realise how quickly that day/week/month has gone by and it scares you a little bit.

9. You go to auctions on Saturday mornings

If you want to own a house at some point, you need to know the real estate market in your area!

10. You finally understand your parents

When you’re young, your parents can seem like super heroes who know it all, and at the same time they can be the most annoying people in the world. Now that you’re an adult yourself, you realise that they’re just human and deserve all your love and respect.

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