10 Steps To Your Best Fake Tan

December 12, 2012

Forget about baking in the sun for hours on end: these days we all know that faking is best – your tan that is! Loving Tan share their 10 steps to a fool-proof self-tan.

1. Ensure your body is fully moisturised before self-tanning. The Loving Tan experts suggest taking a few days prior to applying yout tan to thoroughly condition and moisturise your skin. Slather high potency moisturisers or oils onto the skin throughout summer to prevent scaling.

2. Start with exfoliation. A gentle loofah, sponge or the Loving Tan Skin Polishing Glove, RRP $24.99, will buff your limbs to perfection. This will completely remove dead skin cells and prepare your skin for application.

3. Apply a thick body butter or lotion to the knees, elbows and ankles to prevent the product gathering in these areas.

4. Choose the correct shade for your skin tone as your would with your make-up. Paler complexions should opt for a medium shade, whereas olive skin tones can opt for dark or extra dark – always remember that no self-tan is believeable if it’s too far from your natural colouring.

5. Using the Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt, RRP $9.99, apply the product to one area at a time. To ensure you are comfortable with the final shade, experts suggest applying a thin layer of product on the first application so you can use the result as a guide. If you wish to achieve a darker shade, be more liberal with the product on the next application.

6. Tell tale signs such as white lines on your back or mis-matching the skin tone on your face are immediate giveaways! To avoid this, use the Loving Tan Easy to Reach Back Applicator, RRP $19.99, or ask a friend for help! Always add a bronzer to the skin on your face to match up the tones.

7. Check and double check – ensure you have blended each and every area including your neckline, around your toes, your feet and your wrists! These areas are the most common mistakes women make when self-tanning, but with a little care and attention they can be easily avoided.

8. If you plan on sleeping in your tan, give it 20 minutes to dry before getting into bed. Clothing and sheets can sometimes leave marks on your skin if the product hasn’t dried properly. Avoid this altogether with the Loving Tan 2hr Express Tan, RRP $34.99, which can be washed off prior to bed and will continue to develop for 12 hours.

9. After washing off your tan, gently dry yourself with a soft towel, any abrasion can remove tan making it look uneven. Following this, go back to point number one and moisturise!

10. Lastly, remember, NEVER leave the house without a high protection SPF on top of your self-tan – now that you have achieved a perfect faux-glow, the last thing you want is sun damage.

Fake tan? Sun worship? How do you get your summer glow on?

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