10 Things Men Fear About Marriage

March 1, 2000

A lot of men think long-term commitment can cease any definition of FUN, well read on and find out the 10 Reasons why he is acting a bit weird about marriage.

  1. The Life Sentence no more freedom.
  2. Giving up that dream of numerous women, numerous flirtatious evenings and numerous drunken flings.
  3. The ‘what if’ I meet someone else battle.
  4. Divorce the bitter battle until the end.
  5. Replicating his parents failed marriage or too happy marriage.
  6. A life of stable, organised boredom. Watching TV, cooking and vacuuming on a Saturday morning.
  7. Compromising.
  8. Giving up wild nights with the boys.
  9. The Cost and Time the wedding will take.
  10. Having to grow up and be an adult, save, take a mortgage.

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