10 Tips For Looking After Your Bras

Julia Blanter

Nearly every woman has a favourite bra and wearing it can make you feel fabulous, sexy and ready to take on any challenge the day brings. Whether it only comes out for special occasions, like that hot date, or you wear it to make yourself feel and look good, it can be devastating when that favourite becomes damaged or loses its shape.

Bras can quickly become damaged by incorrect washing, wearing them too often or storing them in a tangled mess. So to save money and help care for your favourite lingerie, Helena Crumpton, inventor of bra storage solution Bra-Voe, shares her top 10 ways to care for your bras.

1. When washing your bras in the washing machine, always put them into a wash bag and take out any removable pads. This will help the bra to maintain its shape and elasticity longer. It will also prevent the straps from catching on other clothing or being wrapped around the washing machine’s agitator.

2. When washing your bra ensure to use a delicate cycle with cool water to prevent the bra from losing its shape. It’s also a good idea to use a mild detergent to prevent the delicate fabric from being stained or damaged. Mild detergents will also cause less irritation on your skin while wearing the bra.

3. After taking your bras out of a washing machine, re-shape them as soon as possible. This will help the bra to dry in the correct shape and prevent the fabric from dimpling.

4. When hand washing your bras make sure you carefully remove the excess water without wringing them out. Wringing or scrunching the cups can ruin their shape and cause the padding to dimple.

5. Never put your bras in the dryer because it can cause them to shrink, loose their shape or damage the delicate fabric. Always hang your bras by the straps and let them drip dry on a clothes rack.

6. Don’t wash your bras too often as it can damage the fabric and cause them to lose their shape quicker. Bras can be washed after every two or three wears, unless it’s a sport bra which needs to be washed more often. It’s a good idea to wait a day before wearing a bra again to help it regain its elasticity

7. When storing bras never invert the cups because it can lead to lumps and dimples in the fabric. These dimples and lumps can show through clothing, like shirts and close fitting dresses and ruin your outfit and sometimes even your whole day.

8. To keep your bras smelling fresh, place your favourite fragrance sachet into your lingerie drawer.

9. Never squash your bras into a drawer because the straps can become tangled and stretched. It will also distort their shape and the hooks will catch on other bras damaging the fabric or causing holes.

10. Treasure your bras by storing them carefully. You can store bras on a Bra-Voe, an innovative way to store, organise and show off your bras in a drawer, on a shelf or on a wall to prevent them from being damaged or tangled.

Bra-Voe is a clever and stylish solution for bra storage. It organises your bra collection and also prevents them from being damaged. Founder Helena Crumpton, spent five years perfecting the innovative concept, which uses specially designed moulded cups to maintain the shape and contour of bras. The perfect gift for any women, Bra-Voe can be mounted on a wall, in a drawer or on a shelf and is available in three sizes. Visit www.bra-voe.com for more information.