10 Tips On Living A Greener Life

August 8, 2011

10 Tips On Living A Greener Life

1. Go green when cleaning

Green cleaning products don’t harm the environment or your family, and offer a fantastic alternative to those harsh chemicals many cleaning products include. Biodegradable detergents and washing powders are easily available in supermarkets. Not only do these products not have those harsh chemical smells, they do a fantastic job at keeping your home clean and fresh! You can even use products you already have in your pantry to clean your home by simply mixing white vinegar with baking soda to make your bathroom tiles shine!

2. Swap plastic for calico!

Calico or hessian makes for fantastic re-useable shopping bags, a great alternative to plastic. Not only can these bags be used a number of times you can make some up yourself for a small cost and customise them to suit your style!

3. Learn to preserve!

Throwing out over ripe fruits and vegies is wasteful. Preserving, pickling and jam making are all easy to do and a great way to reduce waste. A great tip is to freeze over ripe bananas and turn them into a banana cake later on!

4. Try to limit your washing

Rather than doing lots of small loads of washing do a couple of big washes per week using cold water and environmentally friendly detergent. Try to wash on sunny days and hang your clothes outside in the morning to give them the best chance to dry under the morning sun, a simple tip that will not only help the environment but your electricity bill as well!

5. Invite pollinators to your garden

We are seeing a great decrease in natural pollinators in our environment. Invite bees and butterflies to your garden by planting bright flowers and plants such as Butterfly Bushes and Lemon Balm. These plants will attract these important bugs and lemon balm is great for cooking also!

6. Swap electricity hungry TV’s for games

Once a week bring your family together to enjoy a game of Scrabble or Jenga rather than sitting in front of the box, this is great bonding time and will reduce your energy usage.

7. Green toilet paper

Green toilet paper is readily available and will decrease your environmental footprint! Use toilet paper made from recycled products to stay eco-friendly. There are many different options available and most are inexpensive.

8. Close up!

Before you leave the house in the morning close up! Keeping blinds and curtains shut for the majority of the day will ensure that your house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter. When you arrive home it will be easier to heat/cool your house and as a result you will use less energy.

9. Recycle

You’ll be surprised at just what you can reuse in your home. Wine bottles make great water jugs when you peel off the labels, or pop a rose or two in for a beautiful table decoration. Glass jars can also be refilled with sauces and jams.

10. Grow your own!

It is so rewarding when you can pick your own herbs and vegies and use them to create a meal for your family and friends. Plus you’ll rest easy knowing that they’ve been grown without chemicals. At the Organic Expo & Green Show, Jerry Coleby Williams will show you how to grow at home and make worm farms using styrofoam boxes. A fantastic way to ensure you have tasty fruits and vegies all year round is to get your hands on a Vegetable Planting Calender, which tells you the best times to plant, pick and feed your organic delicacies!

Tip thanks to the Organic Expo and Green Show 2011

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