10 Tips To Save You An Incredible Amount Of Space

December 19, 2014
Brett Mickan Interior Design, space savers

Anyone who has lived in a small apartment or house will understand the problems of trying to create extra space within your living environment. Many older houses don’t have built in cupboards, so you’ll have to discover some novel ways of storing your belongings. Here are 10 ideas that will help you.

1. Use a storage facility

If you have nowhere in your home to keep your ‘stuff,’ then this might be the time to consider an alternative storage option. Ready Steady Store is a useful facility where you can keep your belongings safely and free up some space in your home.

2. Kitchens collect clutter

However large your kitchen, it’s still very easy to run out of space. According to The Daily Mail, a New York couple got around this problem by hanging their pots and pans from the ceiling, thus freeing up room in the cupboards and units.

3. Use your under stairs space

The strange shaped space under a conventional flight of stairs is frequently under used. The blog UKTV advises that with some clever carpentry, you could always install some custom made units that will fit snugly into this space and hold your books, plants and other paraphernalia.

4. Stair drawers are innovative

You could always convert your staircase into an additional storage space. Some designers suggest that a wooden staircase can be used as an additional set of drawers with the help of an expert carpenter. You don’t have to convert the whole flight, perhaps just the bottom two steps, and use them for stashing shoes or cumbersome household tools.

5. Sofa beds are always useful

If you live in a one-room open plan apartment, then a sofa bed is always useful. You can store your linen and towels in the base of the sofa, and pull out the mattress at night for sleeping.

6. Use your walls for storage

If you have a contemporary flat screen TV, then hang it on the wall. Leaving your TV on its stand will only make your living room look more cluttered and it does take up a lot of room.

7. Build a sleeping platform above your living area

Apartments with high ceilings are wonderful. See if you can create a mezzanine-sleeping platform over your living area. A stepladder that can be put away during the day can be used for climbing to your bed, and you’ll have created a stylish solution to your lack of conventional space.

8. Build shelves around your windows

In most homes, the area surrounding windows is left bare, but if space is at a premium, then why not erect some shelves in this area, where you can store books, ornaments or anything else that you can think of?

9. Use the area under the bed for storage

Kids always come accompanied by clutter. If you invest in bunk beds for your children, then you’ll be able to use the area under the bed for toy storage. You can also buy a trunk and use that for heavy winter clothes.

10. Use sliding panels instead of doors

Doors can take up a lot of room. If you install sliding panels as room dividers, then you’ll have gained a few extra feet throughout your home.

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