10 Tips To Buying A Holiday With Group Buying Sites

January 19, 2012

Group dealing buying sites like LivingSocial are becoming hugely popular for travellers, with savings of up to 90% on retail prices. Here’s what you need to know about booking your next holiday the bargain way.

1. Be realistic about what type of holiday you would like

A camping trip to Africa? If you don’t like the outback, choose a beach or city vacation that will ensure you relax and unwind.

2. Do some research on the destination and merchant

Do some research to make sure the accommodation, flights, food, beverage and additional services suit your travel style. If you are unsure about a deal, call the merchant for more details before buying.

3. Get your partner or friends in on the deal

Booking a trip with friends holds you accountable and will make sure you take the leave, even when work gets too busy.

4. Put in your holiday leave early

Ensure you can actually take the leave from work, and put in your leave well in advance, otherwise you may wind up with an unused deal voucher.

5. Check the deal and read the fine print
Be aware of the conditions of the deal – including the expiry date – to avoid disappointment when you’re ready to use it. Additionally, read the group buying site’s full terms to understand their refund policies and more.

6. Redeem your voucher early on

The longer you leave it without booking, the more likely you will forget you have bought it, or miss out on the dates you want.

7. Be flexible with redemption dates
Group sales can create a lot of demand and merchants have a limited number of available bookings per day. You might not be able to redeem your coupon within a week of booking or on a specific day. Be open to travelling during any season.

8. Keep track of your unused vouchers
Before buying another deal, check that you don’t already have unused deal vouchers offering the same. Impulse buying may leave you with a large number of vouchers that are too hard to manage.

9. Take advantage of “free voucher” offers

Deal site like LivingSocial offers a free voucher for yourself if you get three-plus friends in on the deal.

10. Book your flight early

You may have saved money on the voucher, so ensure you don’t blow your budget on airfare. Purchase tickets months in advance. Some credit cards also offer free travel insurance when you use them to buy your flight.

Have you purchased a holiday using LivingSocial, Groupon or other group buying sites?

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