10 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party A Hit

December 2, 2010

10 Tips To Make Your Christmas Party A Hit

Looking to throw a Christmas bash to remember this year? The team at Butlers in the Buff have put together their top Christmas party tips, and they should know! Peter Suttle, Director and Head Butler, has attended hundreds of parties and shares his suggestions for hosting a fabulous Christmas function to remember this year.

1. Holiday cheers – Make your drink choices reflect Christmas colours: Apple martinis, Cranberry vodkas, and Spicy chilled eggnog are a perfect way to spread the red, green and white Christmas cheer to all your mates!

2. Contests – Give your guests an incentive to dress up and have fun with a costume element. Put a twist on the cheeky Rubik’s cube party by having your guests show up in red, green or white, then get them to swap clothes with each other. The goal for the night is to swap articles of clothing until you are wearing one solid colour. Winner goes to the first person to achieve this.

3. Bridget Jones’ social etiquette – Remember when Shazza told Bridget how to introduce people with thoughtful details? This way, it will be easier for people to remember each other’s names and encourage your guests to mingle.

4. All fun and games – Drinking games are a good way to get party goers to loosen up and mingle. Choose a social game that can be played with a large group of people so no one who wants to play is left out. For those not drinking alcohol, invite them to join in with a mocktail or have them assign their drinks to other players.

5. Christmas carols – Nothing crashes a party harder than bad music. Make sure your music selection is upbeat and appeals to the majority of attendees. Bringing in a good DJ is always a nice touch. (Don’t be afraid to throw in a sappy Christmas song here and there.)

6. Keep your cool – Christmas time is usually hot! To ensure people at your party are passing drinks and not passing out, make sure the venue has air-conditioning or a place for guests to cool off, such as a balcony or pool.

7. Feast – Don’t let your guests go hungry! Food is always a good topic of conversation, especially around Christmas time. Barbecues are always popular and sure to appeal to the masses. If you are looking for something less messy, trays of canapés are easy to make, easy to pass around, easy to eat and easy to clean up. Which makes them the perfect party food!

8. The Grinch who stole the party– Behind every great party is great host. This means taking care of your guests; not having them take care of you. Avoid over indulging on drinks. Know your limit. This will save you from embarrassment and instead allow you to enjoy all of the night’s hilarious moments. Try not to stress too much about following a set plan. Parties are supposed to be fun for all attendees including you! Have fun and smile. No one likes a Christmas Grinch.

9. Mistletoe – Don’t be afraid to strategically place some mistletoe under a doorway. This is sure to provide some laughs throughout the evening with anyone caught standing under the mistletoe forced to kiss.

10. Santa’s little helpers – Invite Butlers in the Buff to cater your event! Having a handful of gorgeous men dressed in Christmas attire is the perfect way to provide excellent, fun service for all party goers. Butlers in the Buff will ease your stress so you can enjoy the party with your guests. Whether they’re pouring drinks, serving food, or just opening the door to amazed guests, you will delight in seeing your guests pleasantly entertained.

For more information (and to check out the hot butlers!) visit butlersinthebuff.com.au.

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