10 Tips To Make Your Hen’s Night Memorable

December 3, 2010

10 Tips To Make Your Hen’s Night Memorable

Planning a hen’s night for the bride-to-be can be a difficult task, especially when you’re trying to be creative! The team at FreemanX Weddings are the experts at providing fun and out-of-the-box hen’s night packages that are sure to please the hen and her guests! Nadya Billows, manager of FreemanX Weddings has organised hundreds of hen’s night parties and shares her suggestions for making it memorable and lots of fun!

1. Inspire to be different – If you think about how many hens nights women are invited to in their lifetime, the pressure for them to remain exciting and fresh is on! Choose a venue or activities that haven’t been used 100 times before to add some spice to the night!

2. What does the bride want to do? Stay in or go out? By now you should know your girl well enough to know what she likes and dislikes but if you are stuck, drop some subtle hints to ensure you give her the most amazing hen’s night ever!

3. Plan ahead – once you set your date make sure you send out save the dates well in advance to make sure everybody is there for the big party – we don’t want any one missing out now!

4. Choose your budget – check with all the girls and find out what they’re willing to spend per person. Once you have this sorted, you are well on your way to showing the girls a great night…

5. Day time or night time? What time of day would the party suit? Maybe you want to carry on from the day into the night? – There are plenty of amazing options for all these scenarios on FreemanX Weddings so the choice really is yours!

6. Party games – whether they are cheeky, naughty or nice, they’re an abouslte MUST for a hen’s night – get the girls to spend time on a list of dares and games for the hen to complete throughout the night – she may not thank you at the time but you only have one hen’s night so make the most of it!

7. Strip tease – no hens night should be without a stripper but if a stripper is not your thing why not opt for a topless waiter! Topless waiters will serve you food and alcohol and join in all those party games whilst looking oh so hot!

8. Food and alcohol – there must be lots of both!

9. DRESS UP – all girls love dressing up and what better excuse then a hen’s night!

10. Consider booking your hen’s night with the experts, like FreemanX Weddings. With an endless list of hen’s night packages, from life drawing to boat cruises and even puppetry of the penis, you can focus on having a good time, not the stress – isn’t that what it’s all about?

For more information and to check out the packages freemanx.com.au/weddings.

What’s the best hen’s night you’ve ever been to?

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