10 Travel Beauty Essentials

May 15, 2015
10 Travel Beauty Essentials

Perfecting the ultimate travel makeup bag often feels impossible – especially with the tough weight restrictions which come along with it.

Next time you’re on a long haul flight, stick to this standard beauty routine which is perfect for combating breakouts, oily patches, and even dry skin.

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1. Serum

A lightweight, nourishing serum is a must-have since it will replenish the skin faster than any moisturiser.

Look for a formula which corresponds with your skin type, and fits conveniently into your makeup bag. It can also be used as a hand moisturiser, makeup primer, and detox mask for long flights.

2. Ceramidin

Any type of ceramidin cream is a must-have for long flights since it is super-moisturising. Use it as a heavy duty face mask, apply it on your dry patches, and even dab it over any pesky spots or blemishes.

3. Moisturiser

A creamy moisturiser is a given, especially if you’re flying through different countries in a short period of time. Opt for a sensitive, fragrance-free formula which won’t irritate the skin, and dries in seconds.

4. Sheet mask

If you’re looking for an instant boost of hydration without getting your hands dirty, then a sheet mask is your best option. Not only do they fit discreetly in your makeup bag, but they require little to no maintenance! Just sit back, relax and let the mask do its job.

5. Essence

To quickly cleanse your skin before setting off on your journey, use a liquid essence. These fragrance-free formulas are gentle enough to use on all skin types, and won’t take up too much room in your kit.

6. Eye cream

For tired eyes, carry a small eye cream in your luggage at all times. This area is quite gentle, and requires an extra boost of moisture especially when travelling. Dab it gently around your eyes to remove puffiness, and prevent dark circles.

7. Sunscreen

Even if you might be in the plane for up to 24 hours, don’t forget to pack some sunscreen.

Layovers are a great way to get some sun on your skin without adding to the ageing process. Choose a BB cream with an added SPF so you can save some room in your kit.

8. Lip balm

A matte lip balm is one of the best ways to treat your lips after a long haul flight. Apply one thin layer to both the top and bottom lips – you will thank us later!

9. Micellar water

To refresh your skin without washing it, use a few drops of micellar water to remove any dirt and grime. Carry a few cotton pads in your kit to quickly freshen up between flights.

10. Thermal water

Whether your face is dry, stressed or dehydrated, use a thermal water to add some moisture back at all times. This works well even if you have a full face of makeup on.

What are some of your beauty kit essentials for travelling?

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