10 Ways To Make Exercise Fun

July 17, 2014
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You’re full of energy and excitement when you first start your exercise routine, already seeing in your mind’s eye the future healthier, fitter you. Then as time goes, it becomes harder and harder to motivate yourself. You know exercise is essential for your health, but why can’t it be more fun? Yes, exercise can be fun and here are some ways to start enjoying it more.

1. Choose activities you like

Exercise is only effective if you’re doing it regularly and most people won’t stick with what they don’t enjoy. If you’re having trouble getting motivated, rather than choosing a form of exercise that you think is best for your goals, focus on what you like. Walking may not make you as strong as weight training, but it will make you stronger than sitting on the coach thinking about weight training. Yoga, dancing, running – do whatever it takes to get moving.

2. Try something new

Even if you enjoy an activity, eventually you may find yourself bored with it. When that happens, switch to something else. Try a different class, a different location or a new sport.

3. Exercise with a friend

Exercising with a buddy not only makes exercise more fun, it also makes you accountable and less likely to bail out.

4. Join a team

Team sports are a great way to get social, get competitive and have some fun while staying active.

5. Challenge yourself

Turn it into a game and give yourself rewards when you complete the challenge that you’ve set for yourself.

6. Use entertainment

Turn on your favourite music while you’re working out or listen to a podcast while going for a jog.

7. Get apps

There are tons of fitness apps available, from the simplest pedometers to apps that can act as your personal trainer, like JEFIT. If you like technology, then you’ll enjoy experimenting with different programs.

8. Exercise for a cause

Join a fun run and feel good that you’re contributing to a cause while getting fit.

9. Play with your kids

A soccer match or a chasing game with your kids will help you connect as a family, share a few laughs and burn some calories.

10. Laugh

Laughter engages a number of different muscles and makes us feel good. Look for opportunities to laugh during the day or find a laughter yoga class near you.

Now I’d like to leave you with a question. What are you going to try to make your workouts more fun?

Image by Igen via pixabay.com

By Tatiana Apostolova

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