10 ways to drop the weight!

January 7, 2010

Resolved to be healthier and fitter this year? Keep your promise with these insider tips.

Well it’s nearly a week into 2010 and while most of us will have resolved
to lose the kilos in the New Year, the majority will have already fallen off the bandwagon. Weight Loss and Fitness Expert Geoff Jowett assures that it is not too late to make 2010 your year for change. Here are his 10 simple steps to succeeding in your weight loss New Year’s Resolution.

1. Be realistic about the start of your New Year

New Year’s Resolutions really are a great idea. It is a time of looking
forward, new beginnings and second chances. The problem is New Year’s Day is
also possibly the worst time ever to start. Most people are either tired or
hungover from the night before, the back to work depression is settling in
and the fridge is still full of lollies and leftovers. Instead pick a date
when you have settled back into your regular routine and can devote time and
energy to making the change.

2. Don’t do too much at once

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to try and contact all your
demons at once. As personal trainer I am aware of the benefits of working
out but for those starting a weight loss regime trying to conquer diet and
strenuous exercise together makes it over complicated, over demanding and
easy to fail. Instead spend the first four weeks focusing on nutrition and
getting your eating habits right.

3. Kick start your day with a walk

While I have said to avoid strenuous exercise, moderate exercise like a walk
requires no thought, no gym fees, no special equipment and should be easy to
incorporate into your daily routine. Aim for 30,000 steps, roughly 30 mins.
I try to walk to work in the mornings as it makes me feel better for the
rest of the day and makes healthy eating easier.

4. Eat every three hours

The problem with most diets is the feeling of deprivation. By starving
yourself you will inevitably fail. You should be eating three meals a day
and at least three snacks. Breakfast should include protein and a starchy
carbohydrate like a piece of fruit or toast, lunch and dinner should include
a protein serving and lots of salad and veggies. I recommend protein only
snacks like a bit of sliced meat or a hardboiled egg.

5. Don’t give up your social life

If your social life usually revolves around meals out with friends, cutting
yourself off to avoid temptation is a surefire route to failure. Almost all
restaurants will offer low starchy carb options. I would never be able to
give up my favourite Thai restaurant; instead I enjoy the delicious
stir-frys and curries and save the rice for my free day.

6. Allow yourself a cheat day

One day a week allow yourself to cheat. Not only will this help with
feelings of deprivation, it also provides the metabolism with a little kick

7. Visualise your success

If your aim is to see in 2011 with a different body shape than 2010, tape to
the fridge a before picture and a picture of what you are striving for, this
may be a photo of yourself from before you put on weight or an aspirational
photo. This type of self visualization is psychologically proven to work.

8. Experiment in the kitchen

So your lunch and dinner need to consist of a serve of protein and veggies,
this does not mean you need to live on chicken and broccoli. Experiment with
spices, herbs, different protein types and cooking styles. I had 8 of
Sydney’s top international cuisine chef’s work with me on a range of
cookbooks and the results were astounding, from French to Thai, Spanish to
Middle Eastern there are so many options you will never get bored. I bet you
wouldn’t have considered Stuffed Calamari or Stuffed Leg of Lamb with
Eggplant and Tzatziki.

9. Keep a food diary

It is important to keep a record of what you are eating and to be honest
with yourself. You are less likely to sneak a bar of chocolate if you have
to record your guilty slip up.

10. Trust the tape not the scales

It can take a while for a big difference to show on the scales, which can be
disheartening. I recommend measuring yourself at a number of key points each
week the difference will encourage you to continue.

Geoff Jowett is the author of “Myth, Lies and Exercise” and creator of the
BodyTrim and Bodysculpt System. For more info visit, www.bodytrim.com.au.

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