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10 Ways To Fight A Cold

10 Ways To Fight A Cold

It’s easy to become run down during the cold and flu season, but many of us are feeling the effects of a cold coming into spring. If you’ve caught a cold, here are 10 healthy tips that may help you fight it quickly so you can get back to feeling your best.

1.       Rug up
It may sound simple enough, but keeping warm between seasons is key to fighting off the common cold. Dress warmly, particularly if heading out after dark! 

2.       In bed? Elevate your head
Adding an extra pillow under your head at night can help to alleviate coughs and ease sinus pressure. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep every night and apply Vicks VapoRub before bed to help relieve nasal congestion  and minor muscle aches for a good night’s sleep.

3.       Wash your hands
The surest way to catch a cold is to catch the germs that cause the cold. In fact, hand-washing is so important in eliminating germs, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention made official guidelines! 

4.       Calm itching throats
Don’t let a dry, itchy throat stop you from going about your daily tasks. Coat your throat with the naturally-flavoured range of Vicks VapoNaturals throat drops.  For 2-in-1 relief, try Vicks VapoDrops to soothe your throat and clear your nose.

5.       Drink plenty of water
Be especially vigilant about drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day during the cold and flu season. Water keeps your digestion working well, flushes the system and helps fights fatigue. 

6.       Love your shower
Care for a stuffy head by running a hot shower or bath and let the steam fill the room; a simple trick that might even help you breathe easier! 

7.       Be prepared
Coughs and sniffles can be a nuisance. Be prepared by keeping your favourite Vicks products on hand for when symptoms strike. If you’re out and about, carry Vicks Sinex with you for quick and effective relief from a blocked nose for up to 12 hours. 

8.       Keep exercise to a minimum
Gentle exercise is ok if you’re fighting cold symptoms, the simple act of sweating can help expel harmful germs, but if you have a fever, give your gym shoes a rest.

 9.       Eat for relief
Hot soups and drinks can work wonders for clearing a stuffy nose.

10.   Be patient
Give your body time to recover!

What are your best tips for relieving cold and flu symptoms?

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