10 Ways to Have Fun with Finance (cont’d)

January 1, 2001

  1. Stop saving for a rainy day – Invest for some sunny days!

    ‘Play’ or ‘Freedom’ money is cash set aside to give you the freedom to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes along. And those opportunities are definitely out there. Saving for a rainy day means putting money aside for when the cappuccino maker blows up, or the plumbing packs it in. Useful situations to have money for, but what about putting that saved money to work for you and building on it. Talk to a financial planner.

  2. Do you suffer from the Cinderella complex?

    Any Cinderella clones out there? Do you secretly harbour a belief or hope that one day a dashing Prince Charming will rescue you from financial destitution, and take care of you forever? This belief will single-handedly block you from achieving your true financial potential unless you do something about it now! As financial strategist Belinda Cheong says, Prince Charming may come along on his white horse, but what if he’s broke! Or he’s rich, but a bastard! Remember, any Prince Charming worth his salt will find a financially independent woman ten times sexier than a co-dependent one.

  3. Believe that Wealth and Happiness can go hand in hand.

    Let go of all your ‘scarcity’ beliefs about money, such as “money is the root of all evil”, or “you can’t be happy and rich”. Whatever you choose to believe, will happen. You can be rich and happy – but only if you believe it, and only if you put a plan in place to make it happen. Remove the words “I can’t afford that” from your vocabulary. Instead, choose to say, “I am awaiting abundance”, or “Soon, I will be able to afford that.” The more you reinforce the positive state of your finances, the faster it will happen for you. Remember, being broke is temporary; being poor is a state of mind.

  4. Write your own shower statement!

    Constantly focusing on your lack of wealth, the debts and bills to pay, and your financial stress means all that will come into your life is poverty, bills, and stress. Yuck. Start focusing on what you do want. Write a financial vision statement – listing your financial goals and dreams. Write a ‘shower statement’ such as ‘every day, I am becoming more financially successful”, or “I am financially and emotionally abundant, I experience wealth in my life every day.” Stick it on your shower wall, and repeat it aloud every morning. Start making yourself feel good.

  5. Make a decision to start now.

    It’s easy to say that you’ll start paying attention to your finances as soon as you’ve paid off your debts, or as soon as you’ve settled these whopping bills. Stop procrastinating. The time to start is now. When you are in charge of your finances, you are in charge of your life. Go and see a financial planner for advice and get the money ball rolling. As Napoleon Hill in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ said, “Anybody can wish for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan plus a burning desire for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth.”

Kate Hurdley, a qualified Personal Success & Values Coach/Therapist, works with action-oriented women who want to live passionate, rewarding lives. Kate also runs Serenity & Success, an inspirational seminar series targeted at business owners, entrepreneurs and ‘career girls’. These seminars are aimed at helping busy, ambitious people achieve life balance, inspiration and self-awareness.

For details about upcoming seminars, or personal success coaching/therapy, contact Kate at Inspired Excellence on 0414 389 354 or by email: kate@inspiredexcellence.com.au

Belinda Cheong was a speaker at the launch of Serenity & Success seminar series run by Inspired Excellence (0414 389 354). A financial strategist and planner, Belinda is committed to educating people about finance and wealth creation in a fun, uncomplicated way. For more information contact Belinda at Argyle Financial Strategists (Canberra), on (02) 6234 8111, or email her at: argylefinancialstrategists@hotmail.com

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