11 best beauty body butters!

January 4, 2010

Protect your skin from the drying effect of sun and salt and pump it full of love with these must-have body moisturisers. By Olivia Hambrett.

With summer well and truly here, a lot of us spend our time in the sun and salt water. Not only do we need to protect our skin from the more serious effects of the sun, but we also need to keep it hydrated and nourished so as to keep any signs of damage to a minimum.

There are a lot of options out there and it’s easy to get somewhat overwhelmed by the options when one goes in search of a quality body product. So, to make it a little easier I took on the tough assignment, of wading through a rather large amount of product to bring you selection of rich, scented, borderline edible body butters.

Pink Hibiscus Body Souffle (Tropical Frangipani)

Scent: tropical frangipani (also available in Mango and in Coconut)

Texture: similar to Nutrimetics Ooh La La – it’s not as dense as some butters as it is hand whipped.

Hydration factor: high. You can feel the natural ingredients at play.

Buy it: www.pinkhibiscus.com.au

Nutrimetics Ooh La La Sweet Body Souffle

Scent: takes it from the Ooh La La fragrance, which contains notes of rose, freesia, apple, blackcurrant and vanilla.

Texture: quite a light weight, whipped cream that absorbs quickly.

Hydration factor: good for normal skin that doesn’t need a big drink, but a little help post-beach.

Buy it: www.nutrimetics.com.au

NAT BODY Body Butter

Scent: organic with hints of cocoa butter and natural citrus oils.

Texture: thick. Super thick.

Hydration factor: High. Takes a little while to absorb, but you can feel the oils working.

Buy it: www.natskinbody.com

Feel Good Australia Body Butter

Scent: Papaya (also available in a range of scents)

Texture: thick and quite luxurious.

Hydration factor: very high.

Buy it: Target

Rhasdala Body Butter

Scent: Mango (also available in Citrus and Calypso)

Texture: incredibly dense and full to the brim of oils.

Hydration factor: Very high. I actually love this product, but it’s not one you can lather on and be done with. It lingers for a long time, potentially because of the oil and glycerin – but once absorbed, it’s a heady drink for dry skin. Perfect for sunburn, or for lazy summer nights when you don’t have to worry about slippery limbs.

Buy it: www.rhasdala.com.au

Joico Skin Luxe Body Butter

Scent: Sweet Pomegranate

Texture: light and creamy

Hydration factor: good. Skin is left smooth and supple.

Buy it: find a salon at www.joico.com

Burts Bees Honey and Shea Butter

Scent: honey (largely)

Texture: surprisingly light once out of the pot.

Hydration factor: good – and being a light product, it absorbs quickly as well.

Buy it: David Jones, Priceline or www.burtsbees.com.au

Gammazon Velvet Butter

Scent: coconut and vanilla (also available in Coconut and Lime or Mango and Passionfruit)

Texture: thick and rich.

Hydration factor: very high. Once absorbed this butter lets your skin drink for hours. Personal favourite.

Buy it: www.gammazon.com.au

Nad’s Depileze Soothing Body Balm

Scent: coconut

Texture: generally used for skin post hair-removal, it’s thick and creamy.

Hydration factor: high – and the added bonus is its gentle, soothing factor.

Buy it: www.nads.com.au

Thai Herbal Home Spa Eastern Treat Nourish Body Cream

Scent: Jasmine and mint.

Texture: light – closer to a lotion.

Hydration factor: high. This is a truly great product for smooth skin.

Buy it: www.keerati.com.au

EO Everyday Body Lotion

Scent: French lavender

Texture: somewhere between a lotion and a butter, and easily absorbed.

Hydration factor: great for normal skin – dry skin may need more of a boost.

Buy it: www.eoproducts.com

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