11 Everyday Things That Are Every Introvert’s Idea Of Hell

August 23, 2017

Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

The world is ill-equipped to handle us introverts.

Not everyone takes delight in posting selfies to social media and spending their TGIFs in crowded bars rubbing shoulders with their colleagues.

So what is with the guilt we relentlessly cop when we turn down social invites to Netflix and chill, or ask to opt out of work team-building days? These things might seem commonplace for the extroverts of this world, but if you’re an introvert, they are literal hell.

In fact, all of the following everyday things are a total nightmare for us introverts, so please, cut us some slack if we don’t look positively happy in these cringe-worthy scenarios…

1. Open plan offices

Otherwise known as noisy hellholes that make you fantasize about killing your colleagues.

2. Crowded trains

No, I don’t want filthy strangers rubbing up against me, thanks.

3. Literally anywhere with a que

PSA: Waiting in line together is not an invitation to talk to me.

4. Planes

It’s literally the worst possible slice of humanity, crammed into a tiny airborne cesspit with no escape.

5. Parties

No, I honestly don’t want to meet your friend’s sister’s flatmate and make small talk with her for the next hour over shitty box wine, thanks.

6. Blind dating

Meeting a total stranger who’s there to size up your entire personality, appearance and world views in a public setting? Hello, anxiety.

7. Job interviews

Brain can not remember how to be human. Did I just start saying “Hello” then change it to “goodmorning” halfway through? KMN.

8. Team-building days

Also known as forced bonding time with colleagues I can barely stand to sit in the same room as, let alone play ice-breaker games with.

9. Public recognition

Nope, I don’t want to give a speech after I blow my birthday candles out or accept my workplace achievement award, thanks.

10. Karaoke bars

You could not pay me enough money or feed me enough booze to get up on stage and sing Jon Bon Jovi off-key to a room full of watchful eyes.

11. Socializing

It’s not that I hate socializing, but given the option, I’d choose my couch with my cat and the new seasons of Suits literally any day of the week.

Images via tumblr.com and giphy.com.

Comment: What everyday activity do you hate, as an introvert?



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