11 Feminist Podcasts You Need To Subscribe To

September 6, 2019

These feminist podcasts are taking down the patriarchy, one issue at a time. 

The current political climate is dangerous for women.

We’ve known the situation has been a sticky one for a while but it’s getting hard to ignore the rising tension when it comes to feminist issues.

With men being predominantly in charge of our reproductive rights and sexism as rampant as ever, we need to be informed about exactly what is going on so we can call out discrimination when we see it.

I know how exhausting it is to keep up with the news.

There are days when I’m so emotionally burnt out by the constant politicization and objectification of women’s bodies. Sure, it would be easier not to care – but that’s no longer an option.

As a cis, straight, white woman, my experience is very different to my intersectional sisters, but that’s no excuse for me to be misinformed or ignorant to the struggles of women who exist in more than one minority.

We no longer have the ability to disengage.

It’s time for us to read up so we can rise up and demand the equality we deserve.

With so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Lucky for you, I’m somewhat of a podcast fiend and have a bunch of recommendations that will get you on the road to being an empowered (and educated) feminist…

1.The Guilty Feminist

feminist podcasts

This feminist podcast is as informative as it is hilarious. Deborah Francis-White is as relatable as they come, hosting the show with a candidness that will immediately validate any of your political woes. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of feminism or if you’re a veteran, this podcast is a friendly reminder that nobody is perfect. Your politics don’t have to be perfect to get your point across.

Listen to it here. 

2. Guys We Fucked

feminist podcasts

This is the ultimate podcast for all things sex-positive.

Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson self-produce the show so they have free reign to break down sexual taboos and interview successful people from the industry. The comedy due make sex-positivity easy to consume and are avid believers in breaking down the stigmas we associate with sexuality. Join them in their fight against slut-shaming and have a laugh while doing it.

Listen to it here. 

3. 2 Dope Queens

feminist podcasts

If your feminism isn’t intersectional, you need to listen to this podcast.

Women of color face very different problems and it’s important for us all to be educated. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams chemistry on-air make it super easy to listen and learn. With appearances from Michelle Obama and more, you’ll learn about everything from romance to race.

Listen to it here. 

4. Stuff Mum Never Told You

feminist podcasts

Listening to this podcast is like having a glass of wine with your Mom on a Sunday afternoon. Anney Reese and Samantha McVey are the older, wiser sister you never had. These two ladies combine research with feminist theory and apply it to everyday life. If you are looking for some insight into the way sexism impacts our everyday lives, the is the podcast for you.

Listen to it here. 

5. The Bechdel Cast

feminist podcasts

Have you heard of the Bechdel test?

If a piece of media has:

1. Two named women who talk to each other

2. About something other than a man

3. For two lines of dialogue, it passes the Bechdel test.

Sounds simple right? You’d be surprised to find that most films don’t pass.

The Bechdel Cast discusses the representation of women in media and provides valuable insight into how poorly the film industry treats female characters. It’s well worth a listen.

Listen to it here. 

6. Shameless

feminist podcasts

This is the podcast for smart women who like dumb stuff.

There is no shame in being a feminist who enjoys reality TV. Join Zara Mcdonald and Michelle Andrews as they debunk pop-culture and critique the way the media portrays women. This is THE pop culture podcast. It’s fun, fabulous and you’ll learn lots along the way.

Listen to it here. 

7. .femm

feminist podcasts

Intersectional feminism is the only viable approach to feminism.

Hosted by two transgender women, the podcast is a self-professed ‘feminist cyberqueer nerd palooza’, this is essential listening to get up to speed on issues that face the LGBTQI+ community.

Listen to it here. 

8. Call Your Girlfriend

feminist podcasts

Wholesome has a podcast and it’s called ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. This show is one for long-distance besties, talking about everything from the importance girl power to intersectional feminism. The podcast is literally like calling your best friend. You’ll learn about menstruation, politics and more from two fiercely opinionated besties. It’ll light a fire in your feminist belly.

Listen to it here. 

9. Popaganda

feminist podcasts

When women are opinionated, we often refer to them as bitches. Carman Rios is taking back the word and making it, well, her bitch. This feminist podcast normalizes the notion of being a strong and vocal woman. It’s empowering, it’s educational and it’s enriching.

Listen to it here. 

10. Girlboss

feminist podcasts

Get down to business with the Girlboss podcast. Each episode sees Sophia Amoruso pick the brain of a trailblazing Wonderwoman. The show is great if you’re starting out in business as it allows you to cultivate amazing skills and learn how to break through the glass ceiling. CEO’s can be women too – this is your how-to guide to get there!

Listen to it here. 

11. She’s All Fat

feminist podcasts

This is the ultimate body positivity platform.

Sophia Carter and April K. Quioh recognized the lack of safe places for people of all body types to tell their stories and provided a podcast to amplify the voices of the ‘fatmily’. This intersectional podcast is the kind of uplifting and empowering feminism we need. It’s women helping women at it’s finest. People who have learned to love their bodies will teach you how to love yours and ladies, it’s about time we love ourselves.

Listen to it here. 

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