11 Guys Describe What It’s Like To Have Period Sex With You

May 18, 2016
do guys like period sex

“The whole area is a lot more wet – why would a guy say no?”

Here’s the thing about periods: they’re messy, frustrating and limiting – but I’m betting 80 percent of women reading this are at their most horny when they’ve got theirs.

Doctors haven’t been able to identify exactly why this happens, but there are a couple of theories on why we love period sex: we always want what we can’t – or, in this case, shouldn’t – have; our oestrogen levels are at their lowest when we’re on our period, but testosterone – linked to our sex drive – is on the rise; and finally, the body instinctively craves sex because orgasms increase the production of the hormone oxytocin (nature’s pain reliever), which helps alleviate cramps.

With so many reasons to get your groove on at that time of the month, it’s little wonder savvy tech start-ups are launching products to make messy period sex a thing of the past.

But what do guys really think about having sex with us when we’re surfing the crimson wave? You may be surprised to find out…

1. The travel bug

“I travel about nine months of the year for work. When I see my babe, I don’t care what’s happening with her body – it’s on.” Jim, 39, sales manager

2.  The love shower

“I’m not that big of a fan, but if she wants it, then we’ll do it in the shower.” Gary, 27, mechanic

3. The smooth operator 

“The whole area is a lot more wet – why would a guy say no?” Nick, 40, manager

4. The less is more lover

“Yes, but only when there’s not a lot coming out.” Ethan, 29, builder

5. The helping hand

“My wife is really into period sex, because she tells me it’s a stressful time of the month and she feels less stressed after sex. Hey – whatever I can do to help!” Josh, 34, labourer

6. The weirdo

“It’s pretty weird when you’re done and you see your dick all covered in blood, but it’s nothing a quick shower won’t fix.” Jason, 30, car salesman

7. The man on top

“When we have sex and she’s on her period, I stay on top – that shit will get all over you if she tries to ride.” Tom, 33, journalist

8. The nonchalant chap

“It’s a different type of blood – it’s not even really blood, it’s just another thing to make her wet.” Bryce, 28, electrician

9. The sensitive soul

“Women are so much more sensitive at that time of the month. My girl’s nipples will set her off almost immediately.” Michael, 38, insurance executive

10. The well-timed one

“I’m into it, but only on the last couple of days.” Simon, 28, journalist

11. The total dick

“I’m fine with my dick going in, but not my fingers, and never my mouth.” Steven, 26, builder

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