11 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Being In A Relationship

July 19, 2017

Everything’s FINE. 

Ah, relationships…

They tend to bring drama and all kinds of emotional chaos into our lives, and yet, we can’t stay away from them.

Because, as much as our SO’s’ inexplicable ways may frustrate us, we can’t help but love them. If only for the fact that they put up with our crazy.

Which is why anyone in a relationship will find the following memes relatable – and funny – as hell…

1. The beginning.

2. The courtship.

3. Arguments.

4. Feels.

5. Texting.

6. Death staring.

7. True love.

8. Passive agression.

9. Keeping cool.

10. Shopping.

11. Communication.

Images via tumblr.com and pinterest.com.


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