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11 Hip New Foodie Things That Are As Black As Your Soul

11 Hip New Foodie Things That Are As Black As Your Soul

Because we’re sick to death of rainbows. 

If there’s one trend taking over the world RN, it’s the unicorn fad.

It seems like everything is channeling the mythical animal nowadays, with its rainbow hues forcing their way into bright cupcake recipes and inspiring makeup looks fit for a fairy princess – jam-packed with enough glitter to put any festival-goer (and their sparkling boobs) to shame.

With this imaginary creature taking the foodie, makeup and hair world by storm, it’s hard to find any escape from the unicorn-obsessed market.

But not everyone wants to eat unicorn toast for breakfast or post an Instagram pic of their (admittedly pretty) unicorn ice-cream. Which is why foodies are fighting back with trendy new creations that couldn’t be more of an antithesis of the fad if they tried: enter the black food craze.

If you’re sick to death of all the rainbows and sunshine infiltrating your fave dishes and would prefer to nosh on something as dark as your hardened soul, take heart. Because black is back. We all have a little darkness in our souls, and now we can have it in our stomachs as well…

1. This pitch-black water which looks like liquid nightmares.

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2. This creepy black ice-cream.

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3. These on-trend dark macarons.

4. This black latte, which would be a sin to drink with milk. 

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5. This devilishly decadent black velvet cake.

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6. This doughnut, tempting you to the dark side. 

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7. This inky pasta for the adventurous foodie.

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8. These black cupcakes, for when you want a cupcake that’s definitely not childish. 

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9. This black hotdog, for when you’re tempted for something darker.

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10. This black rice sushi, which reinvents the trendy classic.

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11. And this beautiful black burger. 

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Comment: Would you try any of these black foods? 


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