11 Mermaid Beauty Products That Should Be Part Of Your World

November 19, 2018

Look at this trove, treasures untold…

Legs may be required for jumping and dancing, but you know what’s necessary for capturing the look and feel of a maiden from the sea? Shimmer. Shine. The essence of the ocean and salt air. Magic.

If that seems like a tall order, let’s get specific. A mermaid beauty product can’t just be about great makeup, it has to look pretty, too. When you picture a mermaid’s vanity table (because all mermaids have vanity tables… right?), it’s adorned with seashell-shaped compacts and jewel-like cosmetics and brushes. So without further ado, get ready to fill your shopping cart with these treasures untold. How many wonders can one blog post hold?

1. Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick in Mermaid Tears, $19.80

This lipstick, which hydrates using white lotus flower extract, might very well be magical as it actually changes color (depending on your body’s temperature) and comes with a… “sweet unicorn scent”…? (Sold!)

Buy it here.

2. Tarte Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O serum, 


A dreamy blue serum that provides intense hydration, both instantly and over time, seems like a genuine mermaid beauty secret to me.

Buy it here.

3. Ciaté London’s Mermaid Glow, $32

This highlighter can give your skin a magical sheen with a subtle shimmer or a rainbow effect, depending on how it’s applied (one user suggests a brush and setting spray).

Buy it here.

4. Tarte Minutes to Mermaid Brush Set, $29

… and if you’re going to use a brush, this is obviously the brush set you need.

Buy it here.

5. Winky Lux Mermaid Kitten Palette, $25

Mermaid kitten? I don’t know what the heck that is but I love it. This pretty palette features shades such as Sea Foam, Seaweed, and Topless (because do actual mermaids wear bikini tops made out of seashells?).

Buy it here.

6. Tarte H2O gloss in Oasis (Holographic Aquamarine), $19

This smoothing, moisturizing lip gloss goes on with a delicate shimmer and contains antioxidant-rich water and marine plant extracts (because after all, whoever heard of a mermaid with chapped lips?).

Buy it here.

7. Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in A Little Lovely, $18

While not technically a “mermaid” beauty product, my fave brand of nail polish comes in this glittery shade consisting of “baby pink and platinum gold glitter particles suspended in a clear base,” so….

Buy it here.

8. Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Sea Salt Hairspray, $24

Nothing says “under the sea” like textured, beachy hair. Made with sea kelp extract, this spray will make you feel like you’ve just arisen from the salty ocean. No dinglehopper necessary to achieve the look!

Buy it here.

9. R+Co Glittering Smoothing Shine Spray, $29

Once you’ve got those beachy waves in play, it’s time to make them shimmer and shine with this glittering spray that uses light reflecting technology. Spray it on your finished look for a sparkling happy ending to your ‘style.

Buy it here.

10. Tarte Mermaid Treasures Custom Magnetic Palette, $17

It’s an awesome idea, a palette that you customize with your must-haves (pop ’em in and they stay thanks to magnet power!) but really — the fact that it’s adorned with shimmery mermaid scales is the total game-changer.

Buy it here.

11. Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Lip Gloss, $85

Quite possibly the crown jewel of mermaid-inspired products, this plumping, long-lasting gloss can also be worn as a pendant and seems like the kind of thing King Triton would give to Ariel after her musical debut (if she shows up, that is!).

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