11 Questions We Really Hope Heidi Montag Will Answer At The Hills Reunion

August 3, 2016

…besides ‘What the hell were you thinking?!’.

I’m going to confess right here, right now, that I watched every single episode of Laguna Beach, The Hills and The City – the holy trinity of reality TV of the noughties – when I was a teenager.

With The Hills being the most successful one, it’s no surprise MTV is airing a 10-year anniversary special this week called The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now, which will apparently reveal a lot of secrets and answer a lot of questions.

Most of them will probably revolve around Lauren Conrad’s famous feud with ex-BFF Heidi Montag and her now husband Spencer Pratt – who could forget such iconic and often quoted dramatic lines like “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you” and “You know what you did”.

But even though it was technically Lauren’s show, the most-talked-about cast member was Heidi, her questionable relationship choices and her not-so-subtle plastic surgery transformation.

We have so many questions we want to ask her, but we hope these ones in particular get answered…

1. Was any of it real?

Although it was pretty clear from the start that the show was partly scripted, it was more fun to believe Heidi and co. were leading this crazy-exciting life full of drama and practical coincidences. We wonder how much of it would have happened if the cameras weren’t around.

2. Did someone pay you to be with Spencer?

Let’s recap some of the terrible things Spencer Pratt did: spread sex-tape rumors about Heidi’s best friend Lauren; get Heidi fired by crashing a business meeting; turn Heidi’s family against her… Why Heidi has been so loyal to him remains a huge mystery.

3. Did you really not watch the show?

Most of the cast apparently never watched the show when it aired, but we find that a little hard to believe, especially since Heidi has admitted to loving fame and attention.

4. Why didn’t you listen to your family?

Heidi’s sister and their mother were frequently part of the show and tried several times to talk some sense into Heidi, whether it was about her relationship to Spencer or her plastic surgery, but she never listened.

5. You famously got 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. What the hell were you thinking?!

In 2010, Heidi got a full makeover, undergoing 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day, leaving her in crippling pain. She later said she did it because she wasn’t informed about how hard the recovery would be, but we think it probably has more to do with the amount of money she would have earned from the media coverage.

6. If you could undo any of your surgeries, which one would it be?

Heidi has previously told media outlets she regretted her decision to get that many procedures because of the hellish recovery period and unimpressive results. Though she’s since reversed her boob job, we wonder if she’d also take her old nose or chin back if she could.

7. Has Lauren really never forgiven you?

In what is arguably the most famous scene of The Hills, Lauren tells Heidi she wants to “forgive and forget” her after Heidi apologizes for the pain Spencer caused her when he spread sex-tape rumors. We wonder if the two former besties really never made up.

8. Are you still friends with anyone from the show?

We reckon Heidi got into a fight with literally everyone on the show at some point, so we’re wondering if she’s still in touch with anyone. Although, come to think of it, Spencer probably wouldn’t allow it.

9. Do you think the show’s producers took advantage of you?

Heidi and Spencer recently revealed to media outlets some secrets about their relationship, including the fact that their elopement to Mexico and wedding in LA were scripted – yep, it was all completely fake. We can’t help but feel this young couple was probably too naive back then to realize they should have said no to a few things, because sometimes saying no is the best thing ever.

10. Did Spencer’s crystals heal you?

During the final season of The Hills, Spencer turned to crystal therapy to deal with his stressful life. He literally spent tens of thousands on rocks. We wonder if he ever convinced Heidi of the power of crystals.

11. Would you do it again?

If Heidi could turn back time to 2006, when the show first aired, would she do it all over again or steer clear of reality TV? She is clearly loving the fame – she even wrote a book on how to be famous – so we have a feeling she wouldn’t change a thing.

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