11 Rainbow Tattoos That Are So Pretty They’ll Make Your Heart Sing

April 5, 2019

They’re. Just. So. Goddamn. Beautiful.

If you’re a colorful gal with an artistic streak, prepare to start planning your next inking.

These next-level tatts aren’t just tatts – they’re artwork.

Emblazoned with painfully beautiful color and detail, the following rainbow tattoos are so pretty, you’ll never wanna part ways with them.

Which works out kinda well. You know, ’cause ink is permanent and all…

1. This dazzling design.

2. The wondrous watercolor.

3. This teeny tiny tatt.

4. This bountiful butterfly.

5. This direct drawing.

6. This transcendent tree.

7. This linear loveliness.

8. This abstract art.

9. This feathery finesse.

10. This geometric goodness.

11. And this dreamy message.

Images via pinterest.com.


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