12 Reasons Tequila Is Actually Good For You

January 29, 2016

After-work margaritas, anyone?

You know it’s going to be a great night if the answer to “What would you like to drink?” is “Tequila!”

Tequila is like the fun, younger sister of vodka, always up for a bit of mischief. What other spirit involves licking your hand before downing a shot?

While many may have proclaimed to never drink tequila again after a big party night, no one actually retires from drinking the Mexican gold. Once you’ve tried it, you’re always back for more.

Not that we needed another reason to enjoy tequila, but studies have found that it is actually good for your health. (I know, best news ever.) So next time you’re unsure about what to drink, just remember the following 12 health benefits of every boozehound’s fave drink…

1. It lowers blood sugar 

Tequila is made from the Agave plant containing agavina sugar, which triggers insulin production and thereby lowers your blood sugar.

2. You don’t get hungover

It’s true! Good quality tequila (100 per cent Agave) won’t make you feel terrible the next day. This doesn’t apply to cheap, watered-down tequila, of course. It’s worth the extra dollars if you ask me.

3. It aids weight loss

Please don’t replace your water with tequila after you’ve read this, but a study by the American Chemical Society found that tequila helped obese mice shed weight.

4. It lowers cholesterol

Again, it comes down to that beautiful agavina, which not only lowers blood sugar, but also triglycerides in your blood and therefore helps fight cholesterol.

5. It’s a common cold remedy

Forget herbal teas and try this concoction used in Mexico in the 1930s: 100ml Tequila blanco, 100ml agave nectar, 100ml lime juice.

6. It’s a painkiller

Just like aspirin, Tequila acts as a blood thinner, which helps to numb pain.

7. It’s suitable for diabetics.

Most alcoholic drinks are very high in sugar, which is an issue for diabetics. Tequila, however, contains less sugar and is therefore diabetic-friendly.

8. It’s a drug deliverer

Sounds weird, but tequila ‘protects’ drugs as they make their way into your intestines, subsequently increasing their effectiveness. (We’re talking about prescription drugs, of course.)

9. It helps you sleep

We all know too many shots make you pass out on the couch as soon as you get home, but even one small shot of tequila before going to bed will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

10. It aids digestion

A small amount of tequila after your meal prevents indigestion. Moreover, some of the fructans that the drink is derived from have probiotic qualities that supply your gut with good bacteria.

11. It helps prevent osteoporosis

Agavina supports your body’s calcium absorption, which is vital for healthy bones.

12. You save calories

Compared to other alcoholic options like vodka, tequila tastes good without a calorie-loaded soda to mix it with, and is therefore the healthier choice at the bar. I think I hear someone calling shots…

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