12 Ways To Be More Confident

February 3, 2012

Who wouldn’t want more confidence? Performance coach Glenise Anderson shows us 12 tangible ways to become more self-confident in our everyday lives, so we can all become our best selves.

1. Make Decisions

· Think outside the square to make decisions

· Reflect on what outcome you want and show discipline achieving them

2. Set Goals

· Remember your reasons why

· Be open to change

· Continue to learn and stop multi-tasking

3. Identify your Strengths

· Love what you’re doing

· Assess if you’re on track with what you want to achieve

4. Show Leadership

· Accept that we are all unique and have different things to offer

· Have an amazing team around you and listen to them

· Send the right messages to those around you

5. Have a Life Purpose

· Build your life/business to reflect who you are

· Decide who/what inspires you most and make a difference

6. Live Above the Line – Walk the Talk

· Contribute to life

· Be grateful for everything around you

7. Managing Change

· Be accountable for what you do

· Feel good about yourself

· Let go of the outcome

8. Reduce Negative Self Talk

· Practice the strategies to stop it in it’s tracks

· Know that your character creates your destiny

9. Increase Self-Confidence

· Set goals you are responsible for

· Learn a new skill

· Trust your ability, forge ahead and embrace the journey

10. Create Success and Happiness

· Give it your best shot

· Live with integrity

· Enjoy how energizing it is to take action

11. Time Management

· Clear up the clutter

· Choose one thing and complete it

· Acknowledge yourself

12. Create Work-Life Balance

· Simplify life and focus on the important stuff

· Get the work life balance right

· Understand that family, health, friends and spirit are the priority

Qualified Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor, Performance
Coach and NLP/Time Line Practitioner, Glenise Anderson has created a self-paced, online program called Self Confident Women, with 12 modules which can be done individually or together in any order. Visit www.selfconfidentwomen.com.au for more information.

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