12 Ways To Live Your Best Life – Now

February 9, 2012

Health experts Kylie, Kate and Betsy (otherwise known as the Charlie’s Angels of health and wellbeing!) share their best tips for living your best life – emotionally, mentally and physically.

1. Grow your brain. Inspire yourself

Your life won’t get any better until YOU GET BETTER. Readers are leaders, leaders are learners and learners are earners! Plant the seeds of inspiration and success in your mind.

2. Focus on what you want

Instead of thinking about all the things that are wrong with your life, focus on what you DO want and what you can already be grateful for.

3. Talk to your inner voice and ask it to be nice to you

Ask your judging, critical inner voice to be more supportive and kind to you. You wouldn’t talk that way to your best friend, so why talk to yourself like that?

4. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions

Allow yourself to fully feel all your emotions and listen for the lesson they are teaching you. It will pass much quicker.

5 Give Superwoman a break

As overachieving women who want it all, sometimes we think we have to be all things to all people at all times. You don’t. Give yourself a break.

6. Remember how much you already have and be thankful

Remember to take some time each day to remember what you already have. People who are grateful, get more to be grateful for.

7. Eat whole foods as much as possible

Whole, natural, unprocessed food is made exactly as we are meant to eat it! Natural food is like eating a little ray of sunshine!

8. Prune your life from time to time

Just like rose, every now and then your life needs a good, ruthless pruning. Don’t settle for mediocrity. When you get rid of the old dead wood then there’s space for new, fresh, beautiful shoots to grow!

9. Breathe with your whole body

Put your hand on your belly and take a deep breath till you feel it expand. Imagine the breath not only filling up your lungs but your whole body from your back and fingers, all the way down to your toes. Do it now! Relax and breathe deep.

10. Remember that you have everything you need to succeed

You have all the resources you need to succeed. You do. Really! You already have the resources, abilities, skills, contacts, and friends who can help support you, teach you, inspire you to do whatever it is you dream about.

11. Give yourself something to look forward to. Celebrate your wins

Plan your holidays before the year begins. Remember to take time out to celebrate your hard work.

12. Become a morning exerciser

Sweating it out in the AM gets the blood pumping and the energy juices flowing sooner. You are in a better mood, think more clearly and are less stressed all day long.

The Elevate Angels are running a live workshop in Sydney on Saturday 11 Feb to help women reset for 2012 and set themselves up for success. Full event details at www.elevateevents.com.au.

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