13 Beauty Treatments You Never Knew Your Vagina Needed

March 23, 2018

Just when you thought your lady flower was fine as is.

I hate to put the pressure on, but chances are your vagina is in need of a spa treatment.

You may be on top of grooming and waxing, but what about steaming, bleaching and vajazzling?

Oh no, I’m not kidding – they’re just three of many spa treatments for your lady bits that have been steadily gaining popularity. It might seem slightly crazy, but if you’re spending a fortune on skincare, lasers and facials for your face, why wouldn’t you want down there to match?

Here are 13 vagina treatments that will see you getting a whole lot more personal with your beauty therapist…

1. Vattooing

When your pubic area is smooth like a baby’s butt after waxing, it’s apparently the perfect canvas for a temporary airbrush tattoo.

2. Vaginal tightening

It looks like a dildo and is used like a dildo, but it does so much more. This laser can tighten vaginas, and in doing so help with incontinence, dryness and lack of sensation during intercourse.

3. Vajacials

This is exactly what it sounds like: a facial for down below. The exfoliating treatment helps get rid of ingrown hairs and leaves skin feeling super smooth.

4. Pubic-hair dyeing

For those who prefer a well-groomed bush, there’s vagina-friendly pubic-hair dye that’s free of ammonia and parabens, making it safe to use down there. Vital note: Never, ever use generic hair dye on pubic hair.

5. Labia dyeing

I guess you could say this is lip balm – but not for your usual lips. This pink dye will give your vagina back its youthful rosy colour when you’re getting a bit, uh, faded down there.

6. Vajazzling

It may have been made famous by Jennifer Love-Hewitt six years ago, but vajazzling is still very much a thing. It literally involves decorating your vagina with little crystals. It’s anything but practical, but look how sparkly it is.

7. Vaginal steaming

Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of this steamy treatment, which is said to detox the vagina by allowing herbal steam to reach every pore (and hole).

8. Sugaring

This form of hair removal uses melted sugar instead of wax, and is said to be more suitable for the sensitive skin in that area.

9. Va j-j Visor

Who knew there was an accessory like this for your huh-hah! This little ‘hat’ slips over your vulva to protect any delicate parts during waxing, spray tanning or other spa treatments.

10. Waxing shapes

If you’re not a bare beauty, get your pubic hair groomed into any shape. Think arrows, hearts and initials.

11. Merkins

Yes, pubic wigs are actually a thing. Once used by prostitutes after shaving, they are now a useful prop on film sets. Or, you know, if you ever feel you need a fuller muff.

12. Vaginal bleaching

We’re not all the same colour down below, but that’s nothing a little bleaching cream can’t fix. Better leave it to the pros, though, instead of DIY-ing it.

13. Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that alters the labia, often shortening it for visual or medical reasons, as some women experience discomfort if the inner vaginal lips are too long.

Image via hollagully.com.

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