13 Budget Wedding Ideas For The Cash-Strapped Bride

November 23, 2017

It’s all in the details.

Most people get married in their late 20s and early 30s: and while you may be lucky to have a steady income by that time, chances are you’re still pretty short on cash. So a wedding can be a real financial hurdle, especially when you have a huge family and big circle of friends expecting invites, and hate the idea of eloping.

It makes sense to spend the bulk of your wedding budget on the big things, such as the venue, dress, and photographer, and go cheaper for things you can actually make yourself, like centrepieces, photo backdrops, and cake toppers.

The best thing? Nobody will be able to tell you DIYed half of your reception, as the results of these budget wedding hacks look anything but cheap. So roll up your sleeves and get creative with these affordable ideas…

1. Floating flowers

Flower centrepieces can easily be the most expensive part of your wedding, unless you DIY them using nothing but a bowl of water and flowers.

Full tutorial here.

2. Wine bottle table numbers

Start collecting your empty wine bottles to create these simple and rustic table numbers.

Full tutorial here.

3. Wish jar

Not only is this wish jar super budget friendly, but it’s also a gift that keeps on giving as your friends’ messages will make you smile a year after your wedding.

Full tutorial here.

4. Fairy lights        

Whether you put these whimsical light jars on tables or use them to guide the way to the reception, they’re an extremely affordable but impactful wedding decoration.

Full tutorial here.

5. Polaroid cake topper

Most cake toppers are pretty, but quite impersonal as well as damn pricey. This polaroid cake topper is budget-friendly, easy to make, and super cute.

Full tutorial here.

6. Tulle backdrop

If your venue lacks warmth and coziness, tying tulle curtains to a rope to cover boring or ugly walls will make one hell of a difference.

Full tutorial here.

7. Guest favor seed sachets

Favors can break the budget when there’s a lot of guests, so why not give small sachets with seeds of your fave flower – it’s meaningful and affordable.

Full tutorial here.

8.  Heart aisle runner

Outdoor weddings don’t need a heavy fabric aisle runner, instead, DIY some paper hearts and stick them into the ground for a cheap but pretty aisle.

Full tutorial here.

9. Glow Stick Table

Glow sticks are a fab budget wedding idea to keep guests entertained and create fantastic photo ops as guests will no doubt be taking pictures all glowed up.

Full tutorial here.

10. Ribbon photo backdrop

Photo booths are expensive AF, so to save a few grand, why not create this easy and affordable ribbon backdrop for your guests to pose in front of.

Full tutorial here.

11. Rope words

Forget expensive signs and instead, say it with rope. All you need is glue, yarn or rope, and corn starch to create this magical effect.

Full tutorial here.

12. Maid of honor mug

Of course, you could just send your maid of honor a card, but popping the question on a mug is a much cuter, personal, and still very affordable idea.

Full tutorial here.

13. Drink station

An open bar is one of the things your guests will look forward to most, but it’ll also cost you thousands of dollars. To keep costs down, offer big pitchers with soft drinks throughout the day instead of cans and bottles before offering the more exxy stuff later.

Full tutorial here.

Images via pexels.com and pinterest.com

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